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Stay at Middlesex for postgraduate study

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At Middlesex, we bring together ambitious minds from across the globe to collaborate, learn and transform.

We are here to further your knowledge and experience in a new degree and help further develop the expertise that you've gained during your undergraduate degree. Are you ready to make your mark?

We’ve highlighted below some of the key reasons why you should stay at Middlesex for postgraduate study:

  • Save on your tuition fees: As a Middlesex University graduate, you get a 20% alumni discount on your postgraduate fees, and other scholarships, bursaries and there is an £11,570 postgraduate loan available.
  • Excellent industry links: We have over 1000 links with multinational and local organisations including PWC, Google and Deloitte.
  • Lifetime career support: We are always here for you with our award-winning MDXworks career team who are able to support in a way that suits you.
  • Your community: Enhance your connections within our global, diverse networks and range of student support to help your welfare.
  • Location: You are at the heart of opportunity in London, and we are on hand to help you make the most of the city and your career with postgraduate study.
  • Fantastic facilities: You'll continue to have access to the same world-class teaching, state-of-the-art facilities and busy campus life from your time here as an undergraduate.
  • Easy application process: As a current student your application will be very straightforward, this means you won’t need to submit transcripts or references as part of your application process.

Naomi's Postgrad Journey

Naomi stayed on at Middlesex to help excel her future plans.

Middlesex offer a part-time option and for me that works really well. Particularly with a busy life working and having two small children. It’s also made it easier thanks to the support on offer.

Why postgraduate study?

Postgraduate study is a great way to further your subject knowledge, specialise in a particular area or change subject to give you more career options. There are also other benefits for staying on for a postgraduate qualification including:

  • Earning potential: Your master's means that you’re more likely to earn than someone with a bachelor's degree. Research shows that on average you can expect to make £200,000 more over the course of your working life being a postgrad student (Sutton Trust).
  • Career trajectory: 18% more likely to be in a senior role with a postgraduate qualification​
  • Career satisfaction: Postgraduates are 4% more likely to think that their current employment is meaningful than graduates**.

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