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Continue with postgraduate study at Middlesex

Master the future you want by staying at Middlesex University for your postgraduate studies with 95% of postgraduates in further work or study (HESA, 2022). With everything from lifetime career support to prestigious industry connections in London, we want to build your skills, experience and connections to shaping the path for your professional growth.

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Why stay at Middlesex for postgraduate study?

  1. Alumni award: Enjoy significant tuition fee savings with our Postgraduate Alumni award - 20% off on general postgraduate fees and an incredible 40% off for MBA applicants*. Explore our range of scholarships, bursaries, and the available £12,167 postgraduate loan.
  2. Global industry connections: Tap into our network of over 1000 industry partners. Forge ties with global giants like PWC, Google, and Deloitte, and gain invaluable industry insights.
  3. Lifetime career support: Benefit from our MDX Works career team, awarded for their exceptional support, and get personalised guidance throughout your career.
  4. Exceptional campus: Continue to remain at our world-class campus where we recently had a£200m investment in industry standard learning facilities.
  5. London - your career playground: Maximise London's vibrant opportunities to enhance your postgraduate experience and career prospects.
  6. Quick application process: Enjoy a hassle-free application process with no need for transcripts or references as a current student.
  7. Flexible learning options: Choose from full-time, part-time, online, or distance learning to fit your study around your life commitments.

Postgraduate student success stories

Meet Celina, Nouf, and Jennifer – our postgraduate alumni who have used their postgraduate degrees to open new opportunities in their careers. From gaining a competitive edge to exploring uncharted career paths, their stories are a testament to the power of a Middlesex postgraduate degree.

Benefits of postgraduate study

  • Earning potential: Increase your earning potential, with research showing an average additional income of £200,000 over your working life as a postgraduate student (Sutton Trust).
  • Career trajectory: Enhance your career trajectory, being 18% more likely to secure a senior role with a postgraduate qualification.
  • Career satisfaction: Experience greater career satisfaction, with postgraduates being 4% more likely to find their current employment meaningful compared to graduates.

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Postgraduate Open Evening

Discover more about our range of courses and get a feel for life at Middlesex at our next Postgraduate Open Evening on 6 March 2024.

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