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Studying with us during coronavirus in 2020 to 2021

Faculty of Arts and Creative Industries

Hello, I'm Leila

Course: MA Film

Age: 26

Where are you from? I’m from Britain, London but I have Pakistani and Indian heritage.

About me: I come from a science based background in Multimedia Production for which I Achieved a 1st class BSc in 2013. I continued on to be a media technician, and then a lecturer in post production. I wanted to follow on from that and further my academic career, so I chose to do a masters degree in Film at Middlesex University and was awarded the Arts and Creative industries Scholarship.

As I’ve matured, I’ve realised that more than anything, I am an artist. This has been reflected in the experimental films I create, with visual metaphors and abstract editing. I’m really proud to say that my film was premiered at the London Zero Film festival, giving me an IMDb credit, and now my film is also listed on the on the British Film Catalogue

I'm here to help

I'm here to answer any questions you have about being a student at Middlesex university.

My campus tour

Watch my video tour of some favourite places to spend time around the Middlesex campus.

  • Find out more about me

    • Why did you decide to do your masters, and why now?

      I decided to study a Master's degree at Middlesex so that I can follow an academic career path in experimental film and the Horror genre. I intend to also make my own independent feature films. I felt like now was the best time to study because I felt ready to take the next step forward in my career.

    • When making your decision about where to study, why did you choose MDX?

      Middlesex had the most practical postgraduate course in Film and the facilities are state of the art, so it was an easy decision.

    • What do you most love about your course?

      I love the fact that the MA Film course has industry standard equipment and facilities, because that’s what will help you find a job in your field when you leave.

    • What do you most love about MDX?

      I love the varied societies that MDX has. It gives you a chance to make friends if you’re new, and I really feel like there is something for everyone. I chose the burlesque and pole society.

    • Where is your favourite place to study on campus?

      I love to relax and spend time with friends in the Grove. It has a very arty atmosphere, perfect for anyone creative.

    • Where is your favourite place to relax on campus?

      London is the capital of art and culture in the whole of the UK. You can always find something free and interesting to do here.

    • What do you love about London?

      London is the capital of art and culture in the whole of the UK. You can always find something free and interesting to do here.

    • What are your career aspirations?

      For the future I would like to make a feature length Horror film through crowd funding, but ultimately, I would like to follow a more academic career path and continue to do a PHD.

    • Who is your favourite member of academic staff and why?

      My favourite member of staff is Helen Bendon, as she an expert in new media thus always in the know of new ideas, which is crucial for the fast paced technology industry.

    • What advice would you give to a student applying for a postgraduate degree this September?

      The postgraduate courses are very intensive so if you plan to work and study, I would suggest you do it part time so you can achieve the best grade possible.

  • A week in the life…

    • What does your typical week look like during term time?

      Monday: I have lectures for more of the Practical aspects of film making such as Moving Image Practice and Film Research, which means I have time to sort out any equipment I might need, and also with group projects you can organise meetings to liaise with your group.

      Tuesday: In the beginning of the MA Film course we used Tuesdays to have workshops and inductions to the equipment and editing suites. But now that I’ve been fully inducted this is my day that I try to keep free after Monday being so heavy. I tend to just relax, do household chores and
      grocery shopping.

      Wednesday: Studying and in the evening I have the Burlesque and Pole Society at Middlesex University.

      Thursday: Studying and reading so that I can finish off any coursework I might have. Some of that coursework may also include filming which takes a lot of time, and preparation.

      Friday: Lectures on this are not so heavy, this generally consists of script writing, directing and producing for me.

      Saturday: Studying, Reading and or filming depending on what coursework will be due in.

      Sunday: Resting and preparing for Monday with reading.

    • What's your favourite part of your course?

      My favourite subject at Middlesex University is currently Film Research as I have dramatically improved my academic writing, and since I have a more practical science based background I felt this was necessary. In addition, this module has helped me further the development of my dissertation which is based around the sanitization of British Asian Film and the Horror genre for which I am incredibly passionate about.

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