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Studying with us during coronavirus in 2020 to 2021

School of Law

Hello, I'm Raphael

Name: Raphael Ejime

Course: Mphil/PhD International Relations

Age: 27

Where are you from: I was born in Nigeria but now I live in the UK

About me: In 2016, in collaboration with Machido Ltd, I worked as a teaching assistant helping to conduct fun robot programming after-school clubs in schools around London.

Before that, I worked as a research intern for the department of National Security and Resilience, Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), as part of an EU-funded project: Cocaine Route Monitoring and Support Programme (CORMS). This involved the mapping of illicit economic activities by organised criminal groups and the drawing up of data on the volume and flow of illegal trades within several countries.

I also worked for Building and Woodworkers’ International (BWI) in Switzerland as a Migration and Campaign research intern. I was involved in the research and development of studies on current trends, democratic flows, and the process of labour migration from Africa to Southern Europe as well as the asylum policies of states and activities of international organisations with regards to labour migration.

Between 2014 and 2016, I worked as a student ambassador and student exchange mentor at Middlesex University in which I enlightened prospective students and key influencers such as parents, and teachers alike, on the need for higher education and acting as a guide and mentor for students going on Exchange in other European countries and universities on the Erasmus programme.

I am generally an easy going person, passionate about life, studies, family and God. Currently, I am head of Salem Campus Fellowship at Middlesex University, where we share testimonies, praise, and worship as well as spread the word of God. I am also an active member of the Judo team and the MDX student union.

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  • Find our more about me

    • Why did you decide to do your masters, and why now?

      I have always had a flare for politics and government, administration and people. Having a BSc Political Science and an MA International Relations seemed like a good platform to provide a better understanding of the workings of government, administration and current global issues such as economic and human security.

    • When making your decision about where to study, why did you choose MDX?

      I chose to study at Middlesex University due to its distinguished and top-notch tutors, taught programs, state of the art facilities, and multi-cultural setting and student body. But most especially for the chance to go on placement/exchange.

    • What do you most love about your course?

      I loved the lectures, especially the ones on human security and the various forms of security as well as on foreign policy. The coursework’s were great, and I especially loved the fact that I was able to go on work placement in Switzerland.

    • What do you most love about MDX?

      I love the fact that MDX has a multi-cultural setting and worldwide mixture within its world leading staff and student body along with great research prospects.

    • Where is your favourite place to study on campus?

      In one of the cubicles situated in the quiet zones on floors 2 and 3 in Sheppard Library or the middle row in the group study area.

    • Where is your favourite place to relax on campus?

      The Quad

    • What do you love about London?

      I love the fact that London is a multi-cultural city with loads of opportunities for connection with academics and professional in different fields.

    • What are your career aspirations?

      I intend to work in higher education for a bit as a lecturer and then go into working for international organisations such as the UN; representing countries and in the international system as a diplomat.

    • Who is your favourite member of academic staff and why?

      A difficult one but I would say Dr. Peter Hough as he addressed the new security and human security succinctly during my time as an MA student.

    • What advice would you give to a student applying for a postgraduate degree this September?

      Middlesex is a great platform for your vision. Once you have made up your mind, seize every opportunity provided by Middlesex.

  • A week in the life…

    • What does your typical week look like during term time?

      Monday is usually packed with study, research, drafting and Judo practice.  I wake up as early as 7am as I live near to campus. I get myself ready and head to the researcher's room where I begin my study for the day. With a few breaks here and there to release tension and  I sometimes have meetings with my supervisors concerning my research. By 5pm, a few of us from the Salem Campus fellowship gather to pray and then evangel around the campus. Then from 6-8pm I head to Judo training. Most of my Judo team members have won medals from competitions so I look forward to competing and winning a few aswell.

      Tuesdays are pretty much the same, an early rise, then to MDX before going straight to reading and redrafting or continuing from where I left off yesterday. If I have feedback from my supervisors then I assess them and redraft my research. And sometimes I prepare the sermon for Wednesday evening’s campus fellowship.

      Wednesdays are great. Coursework is taken care of as per usual and meetings are held if any research drafts require attention. Later in the evening around 6pm, I head to arrange the room for fellowship which begins at 6.30pm. Here, we pray, sing and worship God. I usually give the sermon, then we close at 8.30pm and go home.

      Thursdays are great as well. I sometimes get up as early as 6.30am. Most people from fellowship have a group call and we pray for the day, MDX, the country, family and friends, the world and ourselves. Later in the day after arriving on campus, I attend conferences which are relevant if scheduled for that day and join a few colleagues in discussions regarding studies, work and life. From 7-9pm, I head to Judo training. Feeling well exercised, I head back to the researcher’s room to round off the day.

      Fridays are more relaxing as I come in later in the day at 10am. I then study for a while and meet up with colleagues and friends depending on who is available. I also just sum up every draft and research done during the week.

      My weekends are summed up as helping out wherever I can with friends. I attend Church on Sunday morning. Later in the evening, I head to Bible training which is always very interesting. For the past 3 months we have studied Biblical Leadership and Growing towards spiritual maturity. I then head home, do my laundry if any is left, and prepare for a new week.

    • What is your favourite part of your course?

      The lecturers have helped with the understanding of the basics as well as widen my knowledge base on international relations and the global system. I was also thrilled with the opportunity to undertake a work placement in Geneva for three months which was by far my most favourite time on my course.

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