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Studying with us during coronavirus in 2020 to 2021


Hi, I'm Muhammad

Course: MSc Engineering Management

Age: 21

Where are you from: I am from the UK

About me: It has always been my ambition to study engineering from a very young age and work within the industry. From my small electronics class in secondary school, all the way to the completion of my Mechatronics degree. I have gained a deep insight in the industry and have been able to develop a variety of skills. During my time at university, I have studied a range of subjects, which have been mainly orientated towards electronics and project design workshops, as well as new areas of study such as CAD, programming, and industrial automation. My consistently good grades reflect my deep ambitions and interest in all subjects, and I have developed invaluable relationships colleagues and fellow peers. Whilst studying I have undertaken an ongoing internship with a large commercial property management company in London. I also undertook some work as an SLA (Student Learning Assistant) with the university. With the knowledge of engineering and experience from management, I followed the path to engineering management.

My hobbies include martial arts, 3D printing and spending time with friends and family. I do taekwondo and judo at the university, as well as robotics competitions with my friend.

I'm here to help

I'll be here to answer any questions you have about being a student at Middlesex university.

My campus tour

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  • Find out more about me

    • Why did you decide to do your masters, and why now?

      I completed my undergraduate at Middlesex, I obtained  a first-class degree and was awarded a 50% scholarship to continue to masters level. I grew to love the university as I studied my undergraduate, both the teachers and its facilities. I accepted the offer and here I am!

    • When making your decision about where to study, why did you choose MDX?

      Personally, the main reason I shortlisted Middlesex was its location. I live 5 miles away, so it was easy to commute to. Secondly, this was one of the only universities that does mechatronics, which is what I wanted to continue onto. Finally, a couple of my past teachers recommended the university as it has a very good science and tech department.

    • What do you most love about your course?

      I enjoy the diversity of the subjects. I've also been extremely impressed by the resources available for us to use.

    • What do you most love about MDX?

      As well as the classes I very much enjoy the vast array of extra-curricular activities. In the STEM subjects there are several competitions that lecturers encourage you do. As well as the universities fitness areas. I do taekwondo and judo here at the university.

    • Where is your favourite place to study on campus?

      My friends and I mostly study in the Ritterman building as its rooms are very cosy and have the latest technology for us to use.

    • Where is your favourite place to relax on campus?

      I relax by doing sports, so the fitness pod below MDX House is my place of Zen!

    • What do you love about London?

      I love its diversity.  I love the people, the shops and of course the food places!

    • What are your career aspirations?

      The specialised skills I’ll develop during this course are highly sought-after worldwide, and I aspire to be a project manager for very large super cool projects.

    • Who is your favourite member of academic staff and why?

      My favourite member of staff would have to be Cecil. He works in the design workshop. He’s my favourite because he always has time and tries to help in anyway, as well as always being happy to see me.

    • What advice would you give to a student applying for a postgraduate degree this September?

      Apply early! Come to and open evening if possible!

  • A week in the lifeā€¦

    • What does your typical week look like during term time?

      My week includes classes 4 days a week in the afternoon or evenings. The mornings are usually used for working or doing my assignments. The evenings where I have martial arts classes are the best days of the week. On Friday evening I have meetings with my team for which we are competing in a European robotics competition.

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