Unconditional offer scheme

Offers for applicants in our 2018 entry

If you receive an unconditional offer from us that means you're an applicant who demonstrates excellent academic performance.

Your unconditional offer is based on your predicted grades and your potential to excel in your chosen degree programme. It provides you with assurance that you have a university place and gives you space to concentrate on your current studies and achieve excellent grades in your exams.

Find out more about your unconditional offer and how to accept your place to study with us.

  • What you need to do

    • Your initial offer for the programme will be conditional. However once you choose Middlesex University as your firm choice through UCAS, it will be updated to unconditional.
    • This confirmation means that you are committing to our offer and declining all other choices on UCAS.
    • You will be required to make Middlesex University your firm choice by 2 May 2018. Your offer will then be upgraded to unconditional via UCAS Track.
  • Your predicted grades and results

    You will be offered an unconditional place based on your past performance. This means your place at Middlesex is guaranteed even if for some reason you do not achieve your predicted grades.

    Remember that it is essential that you continue to excel in your exams as this will have an impact on your future. Many apprenticeships, graduate schemes and employers will assess your achievements across all of your qualifications, including a degree classification, before they make a decision to hire you.

Exceptions for unconditional offers

  • Professional programmes - the unconditional awards do not include professional programmes such as nursing, midwifery, teacher training and social work
  • Access or Foundation programmes - we are not able to consider Access or Foundation programmes for an unconditional offer due to insufficient availability of predicted grades within the application timescale. However, applicants with ACCESS or Foundation qualifications are eligible for a conditional offer
  • Changing your course - your unconditional offer only applies to the course you originally applied for so you cannot change your course. If you have any queries about this, please contact the Admissions team
  • International students - we are unable to make an unconditional offer to international students due to the UK Visas and Immigration requirements

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