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Believe in yourself and don't stop dreaming. That's how you create your future.

Cher Chan

Award-winning brand designer Cher Chan graduated in 2013 with a Middlesex University bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design, which was delivered locally in Hong Kong via one of our partner institutes. Her innovative collections have been making waves around the globe.

Cher MiM

"Working in fashion has taken me places I never thought possible. In 2016, my company and I were involved in designing a souvenir for world leaders attending the G20 Summit in Hangzhou. Our design – a silk scarf in a beautiful box – was selected by the government and we spent almost a year working on it. It's so cool that we created and manufactured the souvenir to represent China.

"Last year, my first sportswear collection was released. It's going to be the first ever sportswear collection made from silk – a very new idea for the industry. We develop all the fabrics and materials ourselves."

I could make my ideas become a reality

"I believe one of the main reasons for my success in the fashion industry is the knowledge I got from my degree course. I learned so much and it really helped me build my personal style, which makes me stand out.

"Finding the right course is really important for designers. There are many fashion schools all over the world, but my first choice was always to study on a British-led course, because they're traditional yet innovative. London is still the world leader of fashion and fashion education and I believe that no other design schools in the world are more creative.

"The teaching methods of my course really worked for me. There's a focus on being creative, but we were also taught so much knowledge to support our creativity. That meant I could make my ideas become a reality."

Middlesex noticed me and appreciated my work

"The tutors leading my course were such experienced professionals. Every time we handed in our projects we'd learn something from them. It's like we were practicing to present to our future bosses. After I entered the fashion industry, I realised how my course had helped me to improve my skills and become a professional designer.

"During my studies, I was really proud to be included on the Dean’s List for Outstanding Academic Achievement. It was something I never imagined and I still remember the happiness I felt when the letter arrived from the UK. As I was studying their degree via one of their partners in Hong Kong, I feel really touched that the Faculty of Arts and Creative Industries at Middlesex University London noticed me and appreciated my work."

The possibilities in the fashion industry are endless

"I'd advise fashion students to enter some design competitions to show your talent – that’s how I got my current job as a brand designer at High Fashion International. Back in 2013 I entered a global design competition, and I became the champion of my region, Hong Kong. I gained the opportunity to exchange with designers from all over the world – it was inspiring. The senior executive of High Fashion International noticed me and my creations, and invited me to be a part of their team.

"The fashion industry is full of challenges and it's always changing – I never get tired of looking at what’s happening next. But the possibilities really are endless. If you're a design student looking to make it in the fashion world, you must believe in yourself and your ideas. You never know when your designs will be spotted by the masses. Don't stop dreaming. That's how you create your future."

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