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Golden girl in engineering

While I was studying I won a gold medal in Mobile Robotics and a silver medal in Mechatronics.

Mehnaz Mahaboob

Mehnaz Mahaboob loved the fact her Design, Engineering and Mechatronics degree was truly hands on, with industry placements and the chance to use cutting-edge equipment. Making the most of life at Middlesex, Mehnaz won gold and silver medals at national skills competitions.

"What was really cool about my course was that I got to see how the things we studied could be used in real life in industry. It was very hands-on. In my first year, I did a summer placement with a fashion designer. I helped with laser cutting and made LED lights to go on one of their dresses. It was amazing to know that it would be on stage at a London fashion show.

"I came away with a lot of skills, mechatronics in particular, that I wouldn't have got at other universities. Plus, Middlesex has really good connections with companies and suppliers, and you learn specific skills at uni that you will use if you go on to work for them."

Tutors always recognised my individual skills

"Our supervisors and our mentors really pushed us to do competitions where you'd use the skills you learnt in class in control conditions, to deadlines, just like you would working in industry. I came away with a gold medal in Mobile Robotics at national skills competition Skills Show UK and a silver medal in Mechatronics at the show the following year.

Even though we were part of a class of around 20 students, our tutors always recognised our individual skills. They always pushed us to do more, like encouraging us to help out with open days and events, which allowed us to connect with people from industry.

I did a lot of networking at events for women in engineering and technology.

Personally, I haven't found any setbacks or discrimination because I'm a woman. You're just a person in engineering."

Now, I assist the lecturer

"My degree course made me interested in the academic side as well as the industrial side of engineering. That’s why after I graduated I decided to go for a position at Middlesex as a Graduate Academic Assistant. I assist the lecturer, helping out in classes for first and second years.

"My advice to Middlesex students would be to experiment. Don't be afraid to try something out; it doesn’t matter if you fail, that's just a part of success. Also, the uni has a lot of great equipment available, like 3D printers, laser cutters and all the software used in industry. It's readily available, so use it – you never know when you'll get a chance to use equipment like it again."

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