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Made in Middlesex - Our amazing staff

Our staff are amazing.

They are passionate and committed and bring their talent, industry and professional expertise, their networks and connections to life through their teaching and practice and through the support and care we provide for our students.

Our annual One Middlesex Staff Awards are an opportunity to showcase and celebrate some of the ways our incredible staff are shaping, developing and growing success at MDX.

Contribution to the Wider Community

MDX’s LGBT + Everyone Else Staff Forum is one of the equality and diversity forums available for all staff to join and exists to champion the voices of all staff, facilitating conversation, learning and development for an ever greater inclusive and supportive working environment. The team behind this vital work have been tireless in their pursuit to affect positive change and make a real difference in the lives of their colleagues, and have successfully developed MDX’s ranking in the Stonewall Workplace Equality Index as a result.

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L-R: Dominic Moule, David Williams and John Soper. The team also included Samantha Parry and Billy Armor.

Outstanding Contribution to Putting Our Students First

L-R: Joel Brogan and Christina Binny. The team also included Abigail Tan and Nadia Coppelman.

The team of Performing Arts Graduate Academic Assistants are celebrated because of the consistent outstanding contribution they make, individually to their subject areas and collectively to the Department and Faculty. In addition to their core responsibilities of the role each has introduced innovative ideas and projects that have been designed by them to add value to student’s learning.

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Collaboration of the Year

Bringing together teams and expertise from across the University, the project group behind the creation, development and launch of the MDXApp are celebrated for their innovative, dedicated and collaborative efforts to deliver a successful and user friendly student tool. With personalised features such as the student’s timetable, grades and progress, access to My Learning and Library resources, useful information on support services and so much more, the MDXApp is designed to ensure that students are able to manage their day-to-day University life on and off campus with ease.

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L-R: Mary McLaren, Debbie James, Jackie Krueger, Nick Bevan, Andrea McMillan, David Gilani and Shazia Mowlabaccus. The team also included Jeff Pearce, Paula Vickers, Con Cronin, Stuart Scattergood and Bilal Hashmi.

Innovation and Change

L-R: Deeba Gallacher, Simen Waage and Luiza Dantas

The Language and Culture Exchange (LCE) is an initiative designed to celebrate the richness of the cultures and diversity at Middlesex University whilst developing and enhancing student employability and student experience.  The LCE helps connect two people who each have a different native tongue, and supports them in teaching and learning each other’s languages and cultures, whilst also helping create friendships, networks and the development of new skills. The team who conceptualised, developed, launched and continue to manage this highly successful in-demand project are celebrated for their ingenuity, creativity and dedication to continuously developing our student’s skills and experience.

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Project of the Year

Visual Analytics for Sense-making in Criminal Intelligence Analysis (VALCRI ) is an EU FP7 funded project coordinated by Middlesex University and is a semi-automated analysis system that helps find connections that humans often miss. When investigating a legal case, it can be used by analysts to reconstruct situations, generate insights and discover leads. A prototype version of the system has been deployed at West Midlands Police, Belgium Federal Police and Antwerp Local Police. For more than four years, our dedicated, highly skilled and talented team at MDX have been supporting the showcase and development of VALCRI through working with over 25 law enforcement agencies in nine countries (including Europe, Australia, Hong Kong and the USA) and over 100 analysts to promote and evaluate the project.

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L-R: Nadeem Qazi, Peter Passmore, Suzanne Petrou, Leishi Zhang, Pragya Paudyal, Stefan Lozovanu, Penny Duquenoy, Neesha Kodagoda, Ifan Shepherd, Celeste Groenewald, William Wong and Kai Xu. The team also included Chris Rooney, Patrick Seidler, Simon Attfield, Carlisle George, Martin Coulthurst, Junayed Islam.

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