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L-R: Mary McLaren, Debbie James, Jackie Krueger, Nick Bevan, Andrea McMillan, David Gilani and Shazia Mowlabaccus. The team also included Jeff Pearce, Paula Vickers, Con Cronin, Stuart Scattergood and Bilal Hashmi.

What makes the job satisfying is knowing that, when we get it right, we have a fundamental impact on helping students realise their potential.

Nick Bevan

Before retiring in August 2018, Nick was Director of Library and Student Support for almost nine years.

"I headed up the team that delivers all aspects of generic support to students, ranging from the student help-desk, academic support provided by librarians and LET, to specialist services such as counselling, disability, money and welfare advice. We connect with all students at certain stages in their academic journey and provide the specialist help to certain students that, without which, they would not be able to complete their studies."

"The role cut across professional boundaries and gave me additional responsibilities and fresh challenges. The service I took over had been through a difficult period but there was potential for improvement and a willingness, on the part of the university to embrace change and invest in the future."

Nick was part of the team that won the “Collaboration of the Year” award for his work on the MDX App

"The hard work was done by the technical experts in CCSS and Marketing departments. My job was to steer the funding bid through the Vice-Chancellor’s Executive team, chair the Project Group and set up the Steering Group. It was a great example of collaboration across teams to meet a tight deadline to deliver a service before the start of the academic year."

Made in Middlesex

"This has been my final job and the most professionally rewarding of my career. At times it has been challenging and occasionally I have had to move outside my comfort zone, but I have learnt a lot and been fortunate to have worked with some great colleagues."

I'm very passionate about education and how it can be a transformative experience for people. Middlesex has really inspired me and given me faith in what Higher Education can be for – and the good that it can bring to the world.

David Gilani

David is Student Communications and Engagement Manager and has been with MDX for over two years.

“I love that our team gets to be involved with initiatives across the University that are designed to improve the student experience. We run the Welcome communications to all new students and organise the International Orientation programme to prepare overseas students for higher education in the UK. We also run events and campaigns for current students to maximise their engagement with the University and we lead a number of communications channels to ensure that students are informed and can easily find information; the newest of which is MDXapp.”

“I love being able to work in higher education and support people to make the most of the opportunities that studying provides. What really inspired me to apply to MDX was the obvious commitment there was to the student experience.”

David was part of the team that won the “Collaboration of the year” award for his work on the MDX App

“I was very invested in MDXapp from the very beginning, as it was clear that it was something the students wanted. I organised the 2016 Student Communications survey and as it turned out that they wanted the App to do a lot, hence the need for this to be such a collaborative project, involving many other teams to ensure that the potential of the platform was realised.”

“My favourite part of the project has been the colleagues that I've been able to work with. I feel like the App has really helped bring the University closer together. It's been great to see how much students have enjoyed and used the App after just one year. Engagement rates are far beyond what we were expecting and the comments from both students and staff have shown that all the work was (and continues to be) worth it.”

Made in Middlesex

"I've been able to be involved with so many projects and initiatives already in my time at Middlesex - this has given me confidence in being able to approach any challenge. It's been over the last couple of years that I've realised that Higher Education is where I see myself being for a long time. I know that we're not perfect, but I love that we continue to strive to be better for our students."

I love coming to work to interact, learn and share skills with colleagues and students from all kinds of backgrounds.

Mary McLaren

Mary is Student Communications Officer and has been with MDX for two and a half years.

“I lead on the communications side of the Student Engagement team, which means my job is all about getting important messages to students when and where they need it. Day-to-day this means managing a range of  student facing communications channels including social media, Unihub and MDXApp.”

“I am also the team’s lead for the Made In Middlesex campaign – ensuring the exceptional achievements of our current students are celebrated across the University. Seeing how a student has used their time at Middlesex to make a positive change in their life is pretty inspiring and I’m constantly in awe of their ability to overcome adversity, in particular.”

Mary was part of the team that won the “Collaboration of the Year” award for her work on the MDX App

"The key to this project was ensuring the student voice was at the heart of the project – from getting students involved in the kick-off meeting to gathering their feedback during the testing stage.”

“I worked with teams across the University, including wellbeing, sports and the Student Union to develop accurate and up-to-date content as well as plan and deliver an integrated communications plan for both students and staff. I loved meeting new colleagues and seeing that they were just as excited as me to see how the app would enhance the student experience.”

“By far the most enjoyable aspect of the project was watching students download the app. I have spoken to countless students first-hand about the difference the app has made to their day-to-day university life – from being able to access their timetable and emails to finding their next lecture using the campus map – that’s what it was all about!”

Made in Middlesex

“Middlesex is so unique and different to everywhere else I’ve worked and I really feel my confidence has grown during my time here. From the moment I started, I felt like I’d finally found the thing I really enjoyed. I’ve learnt so much from so many colleagues especially my manager whose constant optimism has made coming to work a real joy. Having someone that really wants the best for you certainly makes you work harder to achieve the best for yourself too! I see my job as part of my life, not just my career.”

My wife is also an employee at MDX and I met and married her while working here!

Bilal Hashmi

Bilal has been with MDX for over 25 years and is currently Infrastructure Manager, although he has held a number of positions including Corporate Student Systems Database Designer and Server Manager.

"Almost every service our University provides is either mediated or enabled using technology. Our current and future students live their lives immersed in technology designed for their convenience. My role is to help our University ensure our services are accessible transparently, ubiquitously, safely and conveniently to our students."

"I have always been interested in Computer related technologies, and I was looking to enter a career in Computer Graphics. I joined MDX and I took all of the taught modules in an MSc in Computer Graphics, which helped shape my future career here."

Bilal was part of the team that won the “Collaboration of the Year” award for his work on the MDX App

"The essence of the project was to realise and apply the concept of "student convenience" to existing information services aimed at our students."

Made in Middlesex

"Professionally, Middlesex exposes me and my colleagues to an "avalanche" of opportunities around IT I can explore, or advise our University to eschew or exploit"

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