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Contribution to the wider community

L-R: Dominic Moule, David Williams and John Soper. The team also included Samantha Parry and Billy Armor.

MDX has always had a good reputation for innovating and building strong relationships. With its diverse body of staff and students who would not want to work here?

David Williams

David is Director for Corporate Engagement and also the co-chair of MDX’s Staff LGBT+ Everyone Else Forum. He has been at Middlesex since 2008 and gained a Master’s in Business Development via work based learning in 2012, so is also an MDX alumni.

"I feel privileged to have the role I have as I meet such fantastic people in all the different sectors and get to see first-hand the best practices taking place as industry manage their workforce and manage their talent and skills. To then be able to support them in advancing their talent pool by linking to the relevant academic department and seeing the value we add as a university is stimulating."

David was part of the team that won the “Contribution to the Wider Community” award for his work with the LGBT+ Everyone Else Forum.

"This is a staff group who seek to represent all staff members but particularly those that identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender or any other preferred self-identity. We have been going around three years and have had great support from colleagues in building a profile and showing the value of respect.  The ambition is that ‘everyone can bring their true self to work’. This applies to staff, students, contractors and all those who connect to the university in whatever way."

"In 2016 Middlesex University walked at Pride in London for the first time; we had over 50 students, staff, allies and friends walking together and demonstrating our acceptance of everyone, without exception, as an organisation. It was a fantastic day together, we were surrounded by love, laughter and had unbelievable support from those watching. Many alumni made themselves known to us and complimented our diversity and openness. This experience was repeated and indeed bloomed in 2017 and 2018."

Made in Middlesex

"Working at MDX has been a great experience, I especially like how we can innovate and test ideas working in partnership and develop the skills offers that people need in the real world."

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