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Innovation and change

L-R: Deeba Gallacher, Simen Waage and Luiza Dantas

Working at MDX has given me the opportunity to learn from so many different people.

Simen Waage

Simen is Learning and Teaching Projects Officer and has been working for the University for a year, before which he was a student, graduating from MDX in BA Business Management.

“In addition to the great work culture, I was truly attracted to Middlesex by the student curricular offerings. Having been an MDX student myself, I believed I could help create, develop and improve new and existing offerings to meet the incoming student’s needs.”

“I have recently moved into a new role working on co-curricular offerings that students directly take part in including the Language and Culture Exchange. I am also involved in learning and teaching projects that aim to improve the student experience and I work on developing our e-learning suite and tools. I also coach both the women’s and the men’s teams in handball at MDX.”

Simen was part of the team that won the “Innovation and Change” award for his work on the Language and Culture Exchange

"The Language and Culture Exchange aims to improve cross cultural communication across campus and promote the immense diversity here at Middlesex. My role in the programme involved a lot of planning, listening to students about what they wanted, delivering events and continuing to support and shape the scheme in line with student feedback."

"What I enjoyed the most was all the students I got to work with, everything I learned about different cultures and the great things our students are capable of."

Made in Middlesex

"Working in a dynamic environment where student and staff needs have to be met creates some exciting challenges that I love to work on. Constantly being challenged has helped me grow and I now take any opportunity I get to meet new students and staff. It has opened me up to a lot of new people, cultures and languages. It’s really interesting to see how the University works after having studied here for three years."

I’m proud to work for a university that provides opportunities. Middlesex gives people a chance and puts its confidence in them, which in turn produces amazing results and fantastic graduates.

Dr Deeba Gallacher

Dr Gallacher joined MDX in July 2002 and is Head of Academic Practice Enhancement. During her time at Middlesex she has studied the Doctorate of Education and the PGCert in Higher Education.

"I have been a student and I am now alumni as well as staff, all at the same time! All of which has been really insightful into my research work around the Student Experience at Middlesex. None of the work I do is in isolation – I’m proud to be part of a strong team, both within CAPE and across the university that takes pride in its learning and teaching.

"I knew I wanted to work in Higher Education because of my own positive experiences in HE, and I wanted to make it the best it can be for other students. Middlesex in particular appealed to me because of the strong commitment to Widening Participation and the richness in terms of diversity and culture that this brings with it."

Deeba was part of the team that won the “Innovation and Change” award for her work on the Language and Culture Exchange

"This has been a gem to work on – created in a short space of time (whilst on maternity leave!), this was pulled together to both value and utilise the cultures of our student body. I love the plethora of positives from it; meeting new people/making friendships, learning more about other cultures, learning or practising other languages –  there have been multiple benefits."

Made in Middlesex

"I’ve been with MDX for 16 years (and counting!) – far longer than I ever envisaged. I commute from Northampton, and I really didn’t think the role would last more than a couple of years with all the travelling back and forth. However I love it. I genuinely buy into Middlesex and what it stands for, the opportunities it gives people and that’s why I’ve remained."

I love what I do and the people I work with. Middlesex has helped me flourish on many levels.

Luiza Dantas

Luiza is Senior Academic Developer within MDX’s Centre for Academic Practice Enhancement. She is also an alumni of Middlesex, graduating with a BA Business and Human Resource Management, MA Human Resource Management and PGCert Higher Education.

“My main focus at present is further development of the Learning and Culture Exchange as well as other extra-curricular activities for students, academic support provision for staff, and developing online resources related to learning and teaching. I am a passionate learner and I wanted to work with people, both staff and students in helping them understanding different areas of learning and teaching and how technology can support that."

"This type of job is perfect for me as it allows me to work with different people on different initiatives all the time. It helps me learn something new all the time too. I also love project management and process improvement and my role allows me to combine all of this in one single job! I always look for internal resources to help me achieve my aims which means collaborating with people on a variety of projects. Last year alone, I worked with Student Engagement, Marketing, Design, MDXSU, Erasmus, LET, MDXWorks as well as many individual academic colleagues and students! It's great to work and learn from others and be able to provide your expertise when needed. I believe in the power of collaboration!”

Luiza was part of the team that won the “Innovation and Change” award for her work on the Language and Culture Exchange

"The main task was to develop a student friendly scheme to help students learn a new language but also to improve other skills such as cultural awareness, employability or communication. We wanted the scheme to be something exciting and different while bringing as many benefits and experiences into one package as possible.”

“I was responsible for building promotional materials one week, developing a website another, then organising events or building an online course in between. All while closely working with students! It was a great use of our skills and the resources within Middlesex in a fast paced environment.”

“I think my favourite part of the scheme was working with different people from across the University while delivering different events and the fact that we were making constant improvements. It made the hard work fun and seeing students enjoying the experience and getting such positive feedback was a great reward for our hard work!”

Made in Middlesex

"I had a very good experience as a student and found MDX staff very open and helpful. It has helped develop my skills in variety of areas such as learning and teaching, technology, graphic design, learning development or project management. I always feel well supported by the colleagues I work with and the institution in general which makes me feel motivated and confident. It has really opened my eyes to a range of opportunities and experiences."

"I am able to achieve a work-life balance which is so important when you have a family. I became a happy and confident person who is always looking for more opportunities to learn, experiences to grow and people to meet to expand my network. I think that when you love your job, you are a generally happy person in your personal life."

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