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Project of the year

L-R: Nadeem Qazi, Peter Passmore, Suzanne Petrou, Leishi Zhang, Pragya Paudyal, Stefan Lozovanu, Penny Duquenoy, Neesha Kodagoda, Ifan Shepherd, Celeste Groenewald, William Wong and Kai Xu. The team also included Chris Rooney, Patrick Seidler, Simon Attfield, Carlisle George, Kai Xu, Martin Coulthurst, Junayed Islam.

There are many opportunities to develop one’s professional career. It has a nice environment to collaborate both internally and externally.

Kai Xu

Kai joined MDX eight years ago as Senior Lecturer in Visual Analytics and is now Associate Professor in Data Analytics.

“Visual analytics is a new research field that integrates AI/machine learning with data visualisation. It has been shown to be effective in analysing and understanding Big Data. The Interaction Design Centre (IDC) at MDX is a one of the leading research groups in visual analytics in the world.”

“I spend most of my time on teaching related activities. Besides lecture, lab, and marking, I also enjoy applying my research expertise to the teaching and bring the latest research outcomes to students. Recently I helped created two MSc problem, one in Visual Analytics and the other in Data Science. This allowed me to work collaboratively with many other staffs in my department and across the university.”

Kai was part of the team that won the “Project of the year” award for his work on the MDX coordinated Visual Analytics for Sense-making in Criminal Intelligence (VALCRI) project

"The VALCRI project is a visual analytics project that aims to change the way police analysts work with Big Data. It is a large EU project with €13 million funding in total. The project produces a cutting-edge data analysis platform, which is currently being trialled by police forces around the world. I lead the team that develop new visual analytics methods to support collaborative analysis of big data and ensure the transparency and fairness (to avoid both human and algorithmic bias) of the analysis and decision-making process."

Made in Middlesex

"Middlesex provides a friendly working environment and I received a lot of support from both the academic and non-academic staffs from different level, from colleagues to faculty dean. Middlesex University provides me with the opportunity to build up my research expertise, collaborate both internally and externally, and explore many other career development opportunities. It also allows the important flexibility needed to raise my two children who are three and 10 currently."

I have grown personally by the opportunities given to me to learn, contribute, innovate and travel.

Dr Carlisle George

Dr George has been at MDX since 2000 and has enjoyed a range of roles combining his law and computer science experience and expertise. Now he is currently Associate Professor in Computing Science.

“I focus on the regulation of information technology, the legal aspects of e-commerce, digital forensics and data science, and I wear many different hats alongside this. I’m also the  Convenor of the ALERT (Aspects of Law and Ethics Related to Technology) research group, Chair of the Computer Science Ethics Committee, Programme Leader for MSc Electronic Security and Digital Forensics, and Director of Studies for doctoral students.”

“My role enables me to connect with students directly with my teaching, supervision of research and mentoring. I enjoy the interdisciplinary nature of my work and the opportunities for research collaboration across the two disciplines of Computer Science and Law.”

Carlisle was part of the team that won the “Project of the Year” award for his work on the MDX coordinated Visual Analytics for Sense-making in Criminal Intelligence (VALCRI) project

"My role on the VALCRI project focused on legal aspects, namely data protection law and UK criminal procedure requirements. The main goal was to ensure that VALCRI followed relevant legal requirements set out by legislation on privacy and data protection, and that UK criminal procedure requirements were understood and considered in the development process."

Made in Middlesex

"The professional impact from being at Middlesex has been very positive. I have had the opportunity to explore many academic and scholarly interests and have always been supported by my management to develop professionally in many ways. I have also been personally impacted as I have found new friends in both colleagues and students."

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