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Studying with us during coronavirus in 2021

Professional services

We have dedicated staff at every level of university life, running services to support students to get the best out of their them with us so they can transform their potential into real-life success

Our service staff

Matthew Lawson

Director of Library and Student Support (Acting)

Email: M.Lawson@mdx.ac.uk

Phil Berry

Director of Academic Quality

Email: P.Berry@mdx.ac.uk

Alan Stuart

Director of Employability Services

Email: A.Stuart@mdx.ac.uk

Dominic Moule

Corporate Events and Engagement Manager

Email: D.Moule@mdx.ac.uk

Paul Kirk

Director of International Prepatory Programmes and Exchanges

Email: P.Kirk@mdx.ac.uk

John McGuinness (PV-C)

Director of Human Resources

Email: J.Mcguinness@mdx.ac.uk

Edel Mahony

Academic Registrar

Email: E.Mahony@mdx.ac.uk

Paula Vickers (PV-C)

Director of Computing and Communications Systems Services

Email: P.Vickers@mdx.ac.uk

Teresa Kelly

Clerk to the Board of Governors

Email: T.Kelly@mdx.ac.uk

Kelly Speller

Head of Business Enhancement Team (Acting)

Email: K.Speller@mdx.ac.uk

Simon Lewis

Head of Strategic Planning and Insight

Email: S.A.Lewis@mdx.ac.uk

Andrew Dickie

Director of Estates and Facilities Management Service

Email: A.Dickie@mdx.ac.uk

Eran Kochlany

Director of Finance

Email: E.Kochlany@mdx.ac.uk

Sam Jackson

Head of Procurement and Insurance

Email: S.Jackson@mdx.ac.uk

Professor Balbir Barn

Deputy Dean

Email: B.Barn@mdx.ac.uk

Amanda King

Head of Research and Knowledge Transfer Office

Email: A.King@mdx.ac.uk

Mark Gray (PV-C)

Director of Knowledge Transfer

Email: M.Gray@mdx.ac.uk

Professor Richard Comley

Director of Research

Email: R.Comley@mdx.ac.uk

Professor Edmund Penning-Rowsell (PV-C)

Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research)

Email: E.Penning-Rowsell@mdx.ac.uk

Professor Joshua Castellino

Dean Business School and School of Law

Email: J.Castellino@mdx.ac.uk

Heather Clay


Email: H.Clay@mdx.ac.uk

Carmel Clancy (PV-C)

Head of School Health and Education

Email: C.Clancy@mdx.ac.uk

Tracey Cockerton

Faculty Deputy Dean (Learning, Teaching and Quality)

Email: T.Cockerton@mdx.ac.uk

Mark Hunter

Deputy Dean Faculty of Arts and Creative Industries

Email: M.Hunter@mdx.ac.uk

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