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Complaints help us to learn and improve the work we do

Whether you are a student, graduate, staff member or a member of the public we take your complaints seriously and treat you with respect.

You will never be disadvantaged as a result of raising a genuine concern and we treat all parties fairly in our investigations.

Our complaints procedures are designed to be accessible to everyone who may need them.

Anonymous details of the number of formal complaints received and the subject and outcomes of complaints are included in annual reports made to our senior management and governors for quality purposes and equality monitoring.

Details of University complaints and concern procedures


Applicants to courses whose complaint relates to their application to study at the University please use the Applicants complaints and appeals procedure. For further information contact Gunel McLaughlin, Head of Admissions & Student Visa Compliance.

Current and former students

Students are directed to the University’s Student Complaint Procedure.

Former students may use this procedure where their complaint relates to their student experience. In such cases, former students are directed to the Student Complaints and Grievance Procedures (but noting the appropriate timescales. See section 3 for full details).

For further information, please email the Student and Legal Affairs team.

Students at partner institutions

If you are studying with one of our partner institutions and would like to make a complaint you should use the partner's internal complaints procedure first. If you are unhappy with the result and have exhausted the partner institution internal complaints procedures, you can, in certain circumstances, request a University-Level Review make a complaint to us as a current student using the University’s Student Complaints and Grievance Procedure. (see Appendix A for full details).

For further information contact the academic partnerships operations team.

Staff and recruitment

Staff complaints are dealt with under the University’s Staff Grievance Procedure. For further information contact John McGuinness, Director of HR.

Complaints in relation to the recruitment or selection of staff are covered by the Recruitment and Selection Procedure. For further information contact the HR Shared Services team.

Students' Union

Complaints about the activities of the Students’ Union should be addressed directly to the Students’ Union using their complaints procedure.

External complaints

Persons or organisations external to the University should use the External complaints procedure. For further information contact Teresa Kelly, Clerk to the Board of Governors.


If you are an employee of the University and have a genuine concern that there are reasonable grounds for believing that wrongdoing has taken place, or is likely to take place, at the University and that you reasonably believe that it would be in the public interest to disclose it, then you may wish to consider raising your concerns by following the University’s Whistleblowing/Confidential Reporting Policy and Procedure. For further information contact Teresa Kelly, Clerk to the Board of Governors.

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