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The metrics: March 2022

Middlesex University All Staff Gender Pay Gap Reporting – 31 March 2022

Published pay Gap for Middlesex University (excluding our wholly owned subsidiary MU Services Ltd as there are fewer than 250 employees).

The metrics are based on hourly earnings as of 31 March 2022, on a staff base of 2,498 (Core and hourly paid excluding MU Services Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary which has fewer than 250 staff and is exempt from mandatory reporting) (58.7% Female and 41.3% Male)

Hourly rate

The Mean and Median gender pay gap based on an hourly rate of ordinary pay:

 Mean gender pay gapMedian gender pay gapTotal employees
Gap %11.30%8.00%2,498 employees

Bonus pay

The Mean and Median bonus gender pay gap and the proportion of male and female employees receiving a bonus payment:

 Mean gender bonus gapMedian gender bonus gapProportion receiving bonus

Quartile pay band

The proportion of male and female employees in each hourly rate quartile pay band:

Pay bandNumber of menPercentage of menNumber of womenPercentage of women
Quarter 122035.30%40464.70%
Quarter 222335.70%40164.30%
Quarter 326642.60%35957.40%
Quarter 432251.50%30348.50%

The above data has been reported to the University’s UET group and to its Board of Governors, it will also be reported on the Government’s Gender pay website.

Gender Pay Gap reporting will be monitored and reviewed by the University’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee, whose membership consists of the 6 Diversity Networks, including the Gender Network. This will enable greater transparency about gender pay differences between men and women both within the University and externally. It also fits within our Equality and Diversity agenda, which is a key objective within University Strategy.

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