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Enterprise and Practice

As the landscape of business changes, with more companies than every looking for agile and creative staff with enterprise skills and the number of new start-ups and self-employed individuals continuing to rise, the Business School endeavours to find new and innovative ways to expand knowledge and create opportunity.

The Business School already has in place the Enterprise Development Hub, a service supporting enterprise at all levels, and numerous work placement options for students to enhance their employability skills. To further expand our enterprise footprint this year we will be launching Future Impacts, a series of initiatives that draw on our teaching, research, enterprise knowledge and practice links.

  • We have partnered with the biggest provider of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) in Europe, FutureLearn, to deliver a series of free online courses on the subject of social enterprise this autumn. Through this rapidly expanding digital platform we empower anyone who wishes to take part to gain knowledge that will both enhance their understanding of social enterprise and enable then to be part of a growing movement of social entrepreneurs.
  • Through our Distinguished Lecture Series, Professor Tim Evans, curates a series of lectures by industry experts on the future of key sectors. Past events have included Cultural Literacy and Learning in Universities by Claire Fox, Director of the Institute of Ideas, and Raising Humanity’s Gaze, a talk on the coming commercial age of space flight and its economic and cultural impacts by Dan Lewis, Senior Infrastructure Advisor to the Institute of Directors.
  • Opening up opportunities to students and staff, MDXBusinessCrowdfund is an innovative platform in which funds are raised for enterprise initiatives and entrepreneurial activity.  Not only do the project creators get to take advantage of skills workshops and guidance from enterprise experts but funders get the chance to support business ideas, social enterprise, product development, events, research projects and much more!

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