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Middlesex University’s Distinguished Lecture Series stimulates, challenges and raises our gaze across many of the big picture issues facing our society. Looking at the past, present and future of key areas in business, public policy, technology and learning, these events not only deepen our knowledge and understanding, but they seek to inspire and engage us as free thinkers and contributors. It is the opportunity for iterative engagement, reflection and fun that makes these talks so powerful, pleasurable and beneficial for everyone who decides to attend.

DLS Convener Tim Evans, Professor of Business and Political Economy

Middlesex University Business School’s Distinguished Lecture Series 2016-18

Future Impacts: What does the 21st century hold for us?

From the ongoing ripples of the 2008 financial crisis to Brexit and the rise of Donald Trump, we are living through a period of increased instability perhaps not seen since the cold war. Against a backdrop of austerity, insecurity and profound technological change we ask six experts from across the worlds of business, journalism and activism what they think the 21st century may herald for us across a range of subjects?

As we try to identify and explain what these changes and upheavals mean and where they may lead, so we engage with some of the bigger questions and topics relevant to not only to the university community but the wider world beyond.

The series is hosted by Tim Evans, Professor of Business and Political Economy at Middlesex University. Professor Evans brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the Series and the University as whole having previously been President and Director General of the Centre for the New Europe (2002-2005) in Brussels, Executive Director of Public Affairs at the Independent Healthcare Association in London and Head of the Slovak Prime Minister's Policy Unit in Bratislava. Prior to this, Professor Evans was Assistant Director of the Foundation for Defence Studies in London. He holds an MSc and a PhD from the London School of Economics as well as an MBA from the Open University Business School.

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