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Stephen Barber

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Professor Stephen Barber, Head of Department at the Royal Docks School of Business and Law at UEL joins us to give a Distinguished Lecture on 'Economy, Politics and Life: What the coming fourth industrial revolution will mean for all of us?'

We are on the inflection point of a digital revolution that really will transform our jobs, economy, societies, and our politics. It has the power to replace some professional, skilled work and take decisions that up until now we had held to be the preserve of human beings. This lecture explores the implications of this change, considers the extent to which the revolution is already with us and makes the case that the fourth industrial revolution must not be something passively done to us. We need to grasp its potential and shape it for the needs of humanity.

Stephen Barber is Professor of Global Affairs; an academic who researches at the intersection of global political economy, public policy, government, business environment and public leadership. A frequent contributor to television and radio, he has published numerous, books and articles.

Reclaiming the Revolution: extraordinary adventures in politics and leadership at the inflection point of Industry 4.0’ is his latest book. It redefines the Fourth Industrial Revolution for our politics, our societies and those who seek to lead. Told through a series of illuminating stories, reaching into the past and gazing into the future, the book argues that this is a rare opportunity to reappraise how we organise our economy, how we make decisions and how our leaders behave.

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Middlesex University’s Distinguished Lecture Series is managed and chaired by Dr. Tim Evans, Professor of Business and Political Economy. Designed for students, members of staff and the wider community with world class speakers, these events focus on some of the most pressing issues in 21st century social policy and business.

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