John Ankeli Audu

John Ankeli Audu is a PhD student in the School of Law at Middlesex University London.


John Ankeli Audu - 242John completed his LLB in 2011 at the University of Bedfordshire and enrolled in the LLM at the University of Hertfordshire, where he graduated with a distinction in International and Commercial Law. His dissertation was in the area of corporate social responsibility. The study consisted of a critical analysis and a comprehensive appraisal of stakeholders' rights, director's duties and corporate governance.


John was a member of St. Mary's College Debating Society. The debate focused on the role of civil society actors, human rights defenders and NGOs in the African context; the impact of the Pan African and Nigerian civil society actors towards globalization and the reform of cultural belief; work on capacity building and empowerment in Africa.  He is a member of Alumni Young Catholic Students of Nigeria.

Research interests

John's research interests are in the area of corporate social responsibility. His PhD thesis is titled 'Legal framework of corporate social responsibilities practices of oil companies in Nigeria'. The Study will critically examine the theoretical concepts expounded by various researchers and study the deployment of current corporate social responsibility practices in Nigeria, with reference to the legal framework of Nigerian Companies and Allied Matters Act 1999. It will examine how oil companies in Nigeria view, and conduct their corporate social responsibility policies, identify key practices these companies have adopted and map these against Global Reporting Initiative standards.

The study will generate greater awareness among public companies, society, government institutions and regulatory agencies on the importance of having a proper and effective legal framework of corporate social responsibility as a vehicle to corporate effectiveness. It will provide useful knowledge on factors that might obstruct or contribute to the successful adoption of an effective framework for the purpose of ensuring good practice in the oil sector.

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