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Studying with us during coronavirus in 2020 to 2021

Short course

Each term, a short course is offered on an area of interest to doctoral students in law and the social sciences. It consists of three two-hour sessions, held monthly during the term. Readings are provided. The course is delivered by a faculty member.

The first course, offered in the winter term of 2012-13, studied the trial of the doctors at Nuremberg and was offered by Amanda Loumansky and Carol Bryant.

The second course, offered in the autumn term of 2013-14, deals with press regulation and is offered by Dr. Irini Katsirea. Here is the reading list for the course. The workshop on press regulation will discuss the emerging press regulation regime after Leveson, taking comparative insights from other jurisdictions into account. It will seek to locate the current policy debates within the wider framework of a convergent media landscape, paying particular attention to the convergence between press and broadcasting. An overarching theme will be freedom of the press, its relationship with freedom of expression and the extent to which 'statutory regulation' inhibits or advances media freedom.

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