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Studying with us during coronavirus in 2020 to 2021

Writing skills workshop

This regular session provides an opportunity for practical engagement with, and informal discussion of, short extracts of draft doctoral writing. The aim is to supplement, from a different perspective, the more formal research skills and thesis requirements sessions and each person's individual supervision meetings that we already have in place (the latter are necessarily more concerned with subject content and overall argument).

Exactly how we engage with thesis writing as a process will be decided by agreement in the group, and will vary from session to session. But we are likely to use:

  • Short presentations by individual students of a short passage or section based on their latest phase of research
  • A system of respondent buddies to create dialogue during sessions between writer and anticipated reader
  • Practical writing experiments like everyone drafting the first few sentences of a given section (introduction, literature review, conclusion, etc.), then comparing approaches
  • More general reflection on what sort of document a law PhD thesis is, and how it compares with cognate but different kinds of writing (e.g. NGO advocacy, journal article for publication)

These sessions do not cover other also important topics such as punctuation conventions required by particular referencing systems. It aims to be an interactive working session rather than a class. The workshop is directed by Prof. Alan Durant

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