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School of Law students benefiting from e-books pilot

E-booksFree digital text for each module of study

The School of Law is piloting a pioneering new e-books scheme called MyKortext during the 2014/15 academic year, alongside the Business School.

As part of the trial, every student is being given access to a free e-book for each module they are studying.

Given that the School of Law relies heavily on the provision of text books, it is hoped this initiative will not only reduce costs, but also greatly enhance the learning experience of students.

As well as reducing the weight of materials students have to carry with them, the MyKortext project will allow for greater flexibility over when and where to study.

The added functionality of e-books over paper texts is also set to appeal to lecturers, with the new standard Epub3 file, which is increasingly replacing the PDF format, enabling highlighted sections to be shared with a whole class and links created to specific chapters.

"We are continually looking for ways to provide added value for our students" Professor Joshua Castellino

Students themselves can make notes and highlight key sections in their e-books, which are available for download to a variety of devices, including tablets and smartphones, from the open-source learning platform Moodle.

All the e-books used in the pilot are provided by digital textbook company Kortext, whose partner, JS Group, runs a dedicated online bookshop enabling students access to other e-books related to their courses at very competitive prices.

Should the pilot prove to be a success, it is hoped that the MyKortext scheme can be rolled out University-wide in the coming years, bringing the considerable benefits that the School of Law and its students are enjoying to hundreds more students and staff.

Commenting on the initiative, Professor Joshua Castellino, Dean of the School of Law, said: "This puts Middlesex at the forefront of learning resources provision for students studying law, criminology, sociology, social policy, politics, and international relations. 

"We are continually looking for ways to provide added value for our students and I believe that MyKortext demonstrates strongly the importance we place on investing in their futures."

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