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Abein Rajan

Developing and implementing the Cloud Framework for ADIMEP and using fine-grain control to allow virtual datasets to be built to allow medical researchers to access the data

Glenford Mapp, Carlisle GeorgeDepartment of Computer Science
Adam John PhilpotAn Investigation of 'What Constitutes an Engaging Experience in a Virtual Environment?'Peter Passmore, Bob FieldsDepartment of Computer Science
Adityarajsingh  SantokheeAssessment of software development methodologies for building and deploying Intelligent EnvironmentsJuan Augusto , Carl EvansDepartment of Computer Science
Ahmed Al-JawadPolicy-Based Network Management with End-to-End QoS Solution in Software Defined NetworkingRamona Trestian, Orhan Gemikonakli,  Purav ShahDepartment of Computer Science
Aisha AlsobhiAn Adaptive E-learning System for Students with DyslexiaNawaz Khan , Harjinder RahanuDepartment of Computer Science
Ali Hussein AlsobhiSecure Authentication Protocols for Mobility Scheme in Internet of Things using the Location/ID Split Protocol’Aboubaker Lasebae, Mahdi Aiash, Jonathan LooDepartment of Computer Science
Ammar Ezzat Nadhom ZayounaLarge displacement Optical Flow: by Descriptors and Variational SolutionsRichard Comley, Daming ShiDepartment of Computer Science
Anhtuan  LeIntrusion Detection System for detecting the Internal attacks in 6LoWPAN network Jonathan Loo, Aboubaker Lasebae, Yuan LuoDepartment of Computer Science
Anna Wieclaw

A neural model of planning and habits

Chris Huyck, Ian MitchellDepartment of Computer Science
Anthony Ian KrugerFrom Data to Knowledge: Tableau dashboards as boundary objects in the knowledge ecology of a UniversitySimon Attfield, Kai XuDepartment of Computer Science
Arindam GhoshEfficient Seamless Handover Prediction Techniques in Vehicular Ad-hoc Network (VANET) SystemsOrhan Gemikonakli, Glenford MappDepartment of Computer Science
Ashley WheatDistributed Sensemaking: the Development of a Conceptual Framework for Understanding Sensemaking Through the Lens of Distributed CognitionSimon Attfield, Bob FieldsDepartment of Computer Science
Azam ShokriHow do Social Networks affect the development and delivery of E-learning?George DafoulasDepartment of Computer Science
Basmah  AlotaibiAssessing Social Media Marketing Readiness & Maturity in SMEs in Saudi ArabiaGeorge Dafoulas, Mark McPhersonDepartment of Computer Science
Celeste  GroenewaldVisual Analytics for Insight Generation in Criminal Intelligence AnalysisWilliam Wong, Simon Attfield, Peter PassmoreDepartment of Computer Science
Chimezie Leonard OguegoDeveloping an Effective Framework to Reason with User Preferences in Ambient Assisted LivingJuan Augusto, Mark SpringettDepartment of Computer Science
David Stuart Neilson

Digital Forensic Framework for Crypto-currencies

Ian Mitchell, Suvkvinder HaraDepartment of Computer Science
Elham Khodamoradi        Colour reproduction for Mobile PhonesXiaohong Gao, Richard ComleyDepartment of Computer Science
Farad Jusob

Developing a Privacy by Design Framework for the Effective Adoption of mHealth for monitoring chronic diseases

Carlisle Geroge, Glenford MappDepartment of Computer Science
Farzad Tashmashebi AriaInvestigating the deployment of electronic customer relationship management readiness and maturity models in the Iranian Banking Industry’George Dafoulas, Noha SaleebDepartment of Computer Science
Fredrick AderoModelling and Performability Evaluation of Wireless Sensor NetworksOrhan Gemikonakli, Enver Ever, Purav ShahDepartment of Computer Science
Ganesh Kumar Kalyani

ROS based Autonomous control of a Humanoid Robot

Vaibhav Gandhi, Zhijun YangDepartment of Computer Science
Gasso Wilson

Neuro-cognitive model of natural language parsing

Chris Huyck, Peter PassmoreDepartment of Computer Science
Hepa Sayed AhmadThe Impact of Internet Applications on societies in the Middle East with focus on Egypt.George Dafoulas, Noha SaleebDepartment of Computer Science
Hesam Faday Hosseini

Enhancing colour contrast to improve access to visual information by people with vision impairments

Gill Whitney, Shahedur RahmanDepartment of Computer Science
Jalal Al-DossariAn investigation into LTE security vulnerabilities: featuring authentication and IMSI disclosureAboubaker Lasebae, Mahdi AiashDepartment of Computer Science
Joshua NwokejiA Framework for Enterprise AgilityBalbir Barn, Tony Clark (external)Department of Computer Science
Junayed IslamVisual Analytics for Geo-Spatial Temporal Re-Construction of Situations in Criminal Intelligence AnalysisWilliam Wong, Kai XuDepartment of Computer Science
Kamran AliArchitectures and Designs of Monitoring and Management Systems in Disaster and Emergency ApplicationsHuan Nguyen, Purav Shah, Quoc-Tuan VienDepartment of Computer Science
Kholod  AlsufianiSense-making and Structuring InformationSimon AttfieldDepartment of Computer Science
Koushik ModakLoad Balancing in LTE networkShahedur RahmanDepartment of Computer Science
Kyla Cross

Novel Stair-Climbing Wheelchair

Martin Smith, Dimitar StefanovDepartment of Computer Science
Laurence OkonmahAnalysing Non-Collocated Synchronous Shared Visual Workspace-Mediated Interaction Effects on Conversational Grounding – A Study on Collaborative Intelligence Analysis.Simon Attfield, Bob FieldsDepartment of Computer Science
Lorenzo Gheri

Universal Algebra for Syntax with Bindings

Andrei Popescu, Franco Raimondi, Rajagopal NagarajanDepartment of Computer Science
Maher AlrantisiThe Development of a Reactive and Robust WSN Protocol for Environmental Monitoring’.Orhan Gemikonakli, Glenford MappDepartment of Computer Science
Maohmed Saleh Abdulla Alhajri Albreiki

Cloud-based SDN Framework For Mapping Applications Over Heterogeneous Underlying Networks

Suiping Zhou, Yuan LuoDepartment of Computer Science
Mark John JosephsAn Investigation To Determine Whether Adaptive Decision Making In Crisis-Type Situations Can Be Improved By Training And If So What Kind Of Training Would That BeWilliam Wong , Chris RooneyDepartment of Computer Science
Michele BottoneAgoric Computation and Order Book ModellingFranco Raimondi, Raja NagarajanDepartment of Computer Science
Mohammed Ahmed Patel

The Dimensions of Constructed Narrative in Designed Artefacts

Andy Bardill, Wyn GriffithsDepartment of Computer Science
Clifford SuleRPL Implementation for On-Demand Multicast Routing in Wireless Sensor NetworksOrhan Gemikonakli, Dr Leonard Mostarda, Dr Enver EverDepartment of Computer Science
Mohsen Abbaszadeh

Smart devices development for visually impaired and colour deficiency

Xiaohong Gao, Xiaohong Gao, Rajagopal NagarajanDepartment of Computer Science
Mufadhi Hamed M Alzayed Mark Sringett, Serengul Smith, Simon JonesDepartment of Computer Science
Nattaruedee Vithanwattana

mHealth – Investigating a Novel Information Security Framework

Carlisle Geroge, Glenford MappDepartment of Computer Science
Nishant Singh

Neuron based control mechanisms for robot arm movement

Chris Huyck, Vaibhav Gandhi, Alexander Jones & Tao GengDepartment of Computer Science
Onyekachukwu  Augustine Ezenwigbo

Enhancing End Users' Quality of Experience by ensuring Quality of Service in Heterogeneous Networks

Glenford Mapp, Ramona TrestianDepartment of Computer Science
Elli Georgiadou Richard Comley, Tony WhiteDepartment of Computer Science
Patrick SebastianVideo Surveillance Over An Array Of CamerasRichard ComleyDepartment of Computer Science
Peter William SnowComparing levels of Virtual Reality (VR) versus VR plus haptic feedback and measuring their effect on phantom pain responses in amputees.Richard Comley, Rui LoureiroDepartment of Computer Science
Phong NguyenSupporting Sensemaking using Analytic ProvenanceKai Xu, William WongDepartment of Computer Science
Pragya PaudyalEthics and data analytics in semi-automated decision support systems for intelligence analysts in law enforcement William Wong, Penny Duquenoy, Balbir BarnDepartment of Computer Science
Puja VarsaniThe Power Affective Touch Within RoboticsJuan Augusto, Michael MargolisDepartment of Computer Science
Rand Hussein RaheemPerformance Analysis and Evaluation of Fixed and Mobile Femtocells in LTE SystemsAboubaker Lasebae, Mahdi Aiash, Jonathan LooDepartment of Computer Science
Reem Hajaj L Aljoufi

Configuration checking for Internet Protocol configurations using a Model Checker

Florian Kammueller, Taolue Chen, Rajagopal NagarajanDepartment of Computer Science
Sailendra  Ramanna

EEG classification in Rapid Serial Visual Presentation

David Windridge, Glenford Mapp, Chris HuyckDepartment of Computer Science
Sara AbdelSalam Hamdy Elkheshin

Determinants of E-government Services Adoption in Developing Countries

Noha Saleeb, Penny Duquenoy, Mark Springett      Department of Computer Science
Shahadate Ahmed RezvyPerformance Evaluation of Interference Mitigation Techniques in Macro-Femto LTE Cellular NetworkShahedur Rahman, Aboubaker Lasebae, Jonathan LooDepartment of Computer Science
Simone RozziHazards in Human Automation Interaction, An Organizational Safety PerspectiveBob Fields, John Watt (external)Department of Computer Science
Souvik BaratA framework for data-driven organizational decision-making Balbir Barn, Tony Clark (external), Vinay KulkarniDepartment of Computer Science
Sriram Murali

ROS based control of a Humanoid robot arm

Vaibhav Gandhi, Zhijun YangDepartment of Computer Science
Stephan SpahnCategorical Semantics of InductionRaja Nagarjan, Giuseppe PrimieroDepartment of Computer Science
Stephen John Cook Balbir BarnDepartment of Computer Science
Suraj  JuddooBig Data quality issues as part of Big Data GovernanceCarlisle Geroge, Penny Duquenoy, David Windridge & Dr Norman Poh (external)Department of Computer Science
Tijana JevticDevelopment of a sensorimotor model that describes patterns of neural-spinal activity associated with a specific movement trajectory in humansRui Loureiro, Aleksander ZivanovicDepartment of Computer Science
Turki AljreesDocument Analysis Using Latent Semantic Indexing With Robust Principal component AnalysisDaming Shi, David Windridge, George DafoulasDepartment of Computer Science
Unai Alegre IbarraContext-Aware Systems EngineeringJuan Augusto , Carl Evans, Tony Clark (external)Department of Computer Science
Victor Ottie IniovosaMathematical Analysis of Data Exchange In VANETGlenford Mapp, Shahedur Rahman, Huan NguyenDepartment of Computer Science
Vishnu ParanthamanAnalysing the Effects of Proactive Handover Mechanisms on Mobile InfrastructureGlenford Mapp, Huan Nguyen, Purav ShahDepartment of Computer Science
Wei  Li Automatic view classification of echocardiogramsXiaohong Gao, Martin LoomesDepartment of Computer Science
Wei (Hoang Ha) LeDevelopment and evaluation of a haptic framework supporting motor skill learning in group interaction.Rui Loureiro, Martin LoomesDepartment of Computer Science
Yetish Girish JoshiPerceptual Rate ControlAli Tasiran, Purav Shah, Shahedur Rahman, Jonathan LooDepartment of Computer Science
Zhongxiang ZhuContent-Centric based Data Forwarding Strategy in Vehicular Adhoc Network (VANET)Jonathan Loo, Ramona Trestian, Aboubaker LasebaeDepartment of Computer Science
Leonidas Aristodemou

Integrating interactive visuals with sound to enhance user experience and understanding of different sound elements’

Bob Fields, Kai XuDepartment of Computer Science
Mahbobeh Ghoreyshi Richard ComleyDepartment of Computer Science
Hagir IdressImpact of Congenital Malaria in Blue Nile Sudan Lucy Ghali, Song Wen, Darshna YagnikDepartment of Natural Science
Abdelrouf AliHyperhomocysteinemia: implication in insulin resistance in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus  Huw Jones, Sandra AppiahDepartment of Natural Science
Ahmed BoloriRisk Perceptions of Community-Stakeholders and Managing Political Risk by Foreign Oil Corporations in NigeriaJohn Watt, Peter HoughDepartment of Natural Science
Ali Olkun

Studies on the biodiversity of Pseudomonas aeruginosa strains isolated from the cystic fibrosis lung using proteogenomic approaches

Ajit Shah, Chris Ring and Renata CulakDepartment of Natural Science
Ali AlahmariThe Potential of Adopting Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) for Urban Areas in Saudi ArabiaSue Tapsell, Christophe Vivattene, Simon McCarthyDepartment of Natural Science
Altayeb Abdalal Khalid Ahmed Babis Magoulas, Sandra Appiah, Lucy Ghali & Huw JonesDepartment of Natural Science
Anam AkhtarSelective delivery of arsenic trioxide via targeted liposomes to HPV infected cervical cancer cellsCelia Bell, Song Wen, Scarlet WangDepartment of Natural Science
Anthony Esimajemite FutugheAdvanced Phytoremediation using Soil Solarization Enhanced with Biosurfant as a Novel Approach to Sustainable Remediation of Crude Oil Contaminated Land in the Niger Delta, Nigeria.Diane Purchase, Huw Jones, Department of Natural Science
Bene AfolabiImpacts of prebiotics on bile acid induced colon cancerLucy Ghali, Sandra Appiah, Azra PachenariDepartment of Natural Science
David WooldridgeDissecting the synergistic interactions between pathogens and host driving biofilm formation
leading to chronic disease states.
Ajit Shah, Saheer Gharbia (external)Department of Natural Science
Desiree AchaThe use of gold nanoparticles and new electrode material in array of bio impedance sensors for the detection of biomarkers and the assessment of progression of dementia (Alzheimer’s disease) over timeRichard Bayford, Ivan Roitt, Ajit Shah, Frank HillsDepartment of Natural Science
Eamaan Syed Shafat Britta Stordal, Frank HillsDepartment of Natural Science
Emmanuel Ukpong-UdoThe Benefits of Health & Safety planning in the workplaceGordon Weller, Alan PageDepartment of Natural Science
Ewere Job EgedeToxicity of petroleum contaminants and their enhanced bioremediation using fungal mangrove-isolates with algal biosorbents in Warri River, Delta, Nigeria.Diane Purchase, Huw Jones, Dirk WildeboerDepartment of Natural Science
Falak IqbalExploration of Biomarkers in MedicineIvan Roitt, Richard Bayford, Scarlet WangDepartment of Natural Science
Farha MohamadThe role of Heparin and Heparin binding growth factors in preeclampsia'Frank Hills, Steve DilworthDepartment of Natural Science
Gabriel Patrick Coyle Sutton Massimiliano Marvasi, Diane Purchase, Dirk WildeboerDepartment of Natural Science
Imeobong Usen Antia Frank Hills, Ajit ShahDepartment of Natural Science
Khadijah IsimekhaiAssessing Toxicity and ecological Impact of e-waste disposal in a developing economy and management plans: A case study Nigeria Diane Purchase, Hemda Garelick, John WattDepartment of Natural Science
Ivan Petkov Punev Beata Burczynska, Celia BellDepartment of Natural Science
Jamie Duncan  AllardyceDetermination of binding activity and intermolecular interactions between Argyrin B and the immunoproteasome by enzymatic assays and molecular modellingCeila Bell, Erika Loizidou, Sandrah AppiahDepartment of Natural Science
Justin OkoliEvaluating the decision making process in Risk ManagementGordon Weller, John WattDepartment of Natural Science
Lisa Anne BorleyThe role of the environmental health inspection process as a developmental influence on small businessesIan Vickers, Alan PageDepartment of Natural Science
Luciana AlvesEvaluating the impacts of urban river sediment quality in a heavy modified urban water bodyLian Lundy, Mike Revitt, Dirk WildeboerDepartment of Natural Science
Marcela GondekExpression and analysis of the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin in gynaecological malignanciesFrank Hills, Beata BurczynskaDepartment of Natural Science
Mayam Shams NaminiThe therapeutic potential of Glycosaminoglycans in breast cancer cells’Frank Hills, Colin CasimirDepartment of Natural Science
Michael Tony DedmanBiomarkers for early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s diseaseAjit Shah, Frank Hills & Peter TimmsDepartment of Natural Science
Natasha OyiboInvestigating factors on women’s reproductive health practices and implications for risk communication in NigeriaGordon Weller, John WattDepartment of Natural Science
Solomon Olatunde PopoolaVermiremediation of crude oil contaminated lands along Nigerian National Petroleum Cooperation (NNPC) pipelines in Western Nigeria using Eisenia fetidaDiane Purchase, Huw JonesDepartment of Natural Science
Rafal Mofeed Al-SaagThe Use of Microarrays in the detection of diagnostic biomarker signatures in CancerIvan Roitt, Richard BayfordDepartment of Natural Science
Rawi Elawad Mohamed AhmedStudy the effects of human placental mesenchymal stem cells (pMSCs) on chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) cells in vitroLucy Ghali, Song Wen, M Abumaree & A Askar (external)Department of Natural Science
Satinder LallAn Evaluation of the therapeutic potential of red clover extract, red grape seed extract and turmeric on malignant brain tumours in vitroCelia Bell, Frank HillsDepartment of Natural Science
Stephen Walter Asbury Alan Page, Hemda GarelickDepartment of Natural Science
Thai Vinh Kim NguyenA comparative study of gut microbiota in autistic and typical development children in VietnamHemda Garelick, Azra Pachenari, Beata Burczynska & Professor Saheer Gharbia Saheer (external)Department of Natural Science
Toby LanderyouMolecular ecological approach to assessment of parasite risk within socioeconomically important UK salmonid populationsSteve Kett, Dirk Wildeboer, Dr Scott Lawton (Kingston University)Department of Natural Science
Uzoma Cynthia OsemekePotential Interaction Of Natural Compounds and Chemotherapy Drugs.Sandra Appiah, Song Wen , Hemda GarelickDepartment of Natural Science
Valentina Basso John Watt, David BallDepartment of Natural Science
Vu Hoand Dang Stephen Kett, Anne Ropiquet, Polly HayesDepartment of Natural Science
Wai Kit ChanInvestigating arsenic resistance in fungi from tin-mining soils and the possible interaction between arsenic and antimonyDiane Purchase, Hemda Garelick, Dirk WildeboerDepartment of Natural Science
Rexford Osae-TwumDysbiosis of gut micro-bacteria and gastro-intestinal diseaseHemda Garelick, Azra Pachenari, Beata BurczynskaDepartment of Natural Science
Malgorzata KorkoCognitive control in spoken language productionPaul De Mornay Davies, Mark Coulson, Alexander JonesDepartment of Psychology 
Manijeh Pir JalianPsychological and Social Aspects of Children Born by Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ARTS) in IranBahman Baluch, Ilhan RahmanDepartment of Psychology 
Michael LeahyHow do experiences of home and belonging impact on identity formation in [migrant women] living in London and who are from [different generations]? (working title)Nollaig Frost, Louise RyanDepartment of Psychology 
Nazeida JhingoorVisual-Spatial Processing Strategies in Development DyslexiaNicola Brunswick, Mark CoulsonDepartment of Psychology 
Aikaterini - Nina PolytimouMusic processing, language processing, social abilities and working memory
in preschool children: the effects of short-term music and language training.
Fabia Franco, Paul De Mornay DaviesDepartment of Psychology 
Anthony MurphyA multi-method, phenomenological view of experiencing a borderline personality disorder diagnosis as a parentNollaig Frost, Richard BarryDepartment of Psychology 
Aura Aimee Flora Goldman Linda Duffy, Rhonda CohenDepartment of Psychology 
Barry GeogheganThe Discursive Creation of the Pathological TerroristAntonia Bifulco, Anne Worthington, Tunc AybakDepartment of Psychology 
Chineme OnyigbuoExploring health-seeking behaviour among Nigerian Christians living in the UK: towards improved healthcare utilizationOlga Van den Akker, Camille Alexis-GarseeDepartment of Psychology 
Christina ConstantinouA Multi-Method Examination of Health-Related Quality of Life (HRQL) and Health Behaviours in Children and Adolescents with Sickle Cell Disease (SCD)Nicola Payne, Olga Van Den AkkerDepartment of Psychology 
Christopher Edward MiddletonAn investigation into the social, cognitive and affective factors contributing to meaning in lifeMark Coulson, Fiona Starr, Emma WardDepartment of Psychology 
Christos TombrasSuffering Being: Modes of symbolic Being in Heidegger and LacanWerner Prall, Julia BorossaDepartment of Psychology 
Chrysi LeliopoulouEmotional Intelligence Training for Nurses as a Strategy for Stress Tolerance and well-beingTracey Cockerton, Michael Traynor, Ali TasiranDepartment of Psychology 
Claire PowellMothers Separated from their Infants in Prison: Using attachment theory to understand how prisons can provide support.Lisa Marzano, Karen Ciclitira & Toni BifulcoDepartment of Psychology 
Deborah RodriguezHow do couples experience the transition to second-time parenthood: A psychosocial application of attachment theoryNollaig Frost, Andrea Oskis, Nicholas Le BoutillierDepartment of Psychology 
Ellouise LongA Proposed Typology of Internet Trolling using Smallest Space AnalysisJackie Gray, Mark CoulsonDepartment of Psychology 
Evgenia VolkovyskayaLexical and Semantic Processing in bilingual Russian (L1)-English (L2) speakersIlhan Raman, Bahman BaluchDepartment of Psychology 
Floyd WilliamsAn Investigation of factors affecting the acquisition of expertise: evidence from expert and novice tennis players.Linda Duffy, Bahman Baluch, Nollaig FrostDepartment of Psychology 
Frauke  ElichaoffWhat’s it like being you? – An exploration of the subjective experience of growing old with autism in the UKNollaig Frost, David Westley, Prof Digby TantamDepartment of Psychology 
Hilary Margaret NormanDoes mindfulness mediate the relationship between alexithymia and self-harm?Lisa Marzano, Andrea OskisDepartment of Psychology 
Ian BeltonGCHQ Psychology of Intelligence AnalysisMandeep Dhami, Arie NouwenDepartment of Psychology 
Jean WaughModelling Retrospective Metamemory: an Experimental SEM ApproachBahman Baluch, Mark Coulson, Stephen NunnDepartment of Psychology 
Katherine Emma BrownThe History of the Cotswold Therapeutic Community – psychoanalytic perspectives on love and hate.Julia Borossa, David Henderson, Anne WorthingtonDepartment of Psychology 
Kristina Van DamThe effect of working memory training, ego-depletion training, and Trancranial direct-current stimualtion (tDCS) on cognitive deficits in people with diabetes and depressionArie Nouwen, Alex JonesDepartment of Psychology 
Laila-Alia Al-Ayoubi Lisa Marzano, Andy BardillDepartment of Psychology 
Mansoor MirThe Treatment of Sex offenders in HM Prison servicesJoanna Adler, Lisa MarzanoDepartment of Psychology 
Maria Ann ScallyAn Exploration of Perceived Social Support and the role of Conflict Resolution Skills in Adolescents’ romantic and non-romantic relationshipsMiranda Horvath, Joanna AdlerDepartment of Psychology 
Neelam GhumanBeyond work-family conflict: work-life balance in employees with different family structuresNicola Payne, Camille Alexis-GarseeDepartment of Psychology 
Ragnihild DalakerUnderstanding and measuring mental health stigmaRichard Barry, Nicholas Le Boutillier, Nollaig FrostDepartment of Psychology 
Robert SpencerAn empirical and theoretical examination of kleptoparasitic behaviour in mixed-species foraging groups of Laridae.Tom Dickins, Yvan RussellDepartment of Psychology 
Sarah EdwardsEmpathy and re-offending: An investigation into the efficacy of victim empathy interventions and directed offender-victim mediation on recidivismJoanna Adler, Jackie GrayDepartment of Psychology 
Shola Apena-Rogers Jackie Gray, Joanna AdlerDepartment of Psychology 
Stella OrakwueTowards a Psychoanalytic theory of financial corruptionJulia Borossa, Lucia Corti, Vincenzo RuggieroDepartment of Psychology 
Tamzin BattesonAn exploration into the adequacy of current mental imagery scalesNicholas Le Boutillier, David Westley, Richard BarryDepartment of Psychology 
Victoria WhitelockDoes Neurocognitive Training have the Potential to Improve Dietary Self-Care in Type 2 Diabetes?Arie Nouwen, Olga Van Den AkkerDepartment of Psychology 
David Gethin Rees

The high press in football

Nic James, J Taylor, G VuckovicLondon Sport Institute 
Jon Alexander CreeClassification of Performance and Training Parameters of In-Season Rugby Union Players:Nic James, Lygeri Dimitriou, Emma CockburnLondon Sport Institute 
Alison O’Riordan Andrew Greenlaugh, Nic James, Dimitar Stefanov & Laurent Frossard (external)London Sport Institute 
Angela CumineThe Potential Correlation between Fine and Gross Motor Skills, Proprioception (including balance) and Saccadic Eye Movement with Developmental DyslexiaNicola Brunswick, Rhonda Cohen, Prof Pauline Foster (St Mary University)London Sport Institute 
Anne ElliottTypologies of kinaesthesia: An investigation into experience in youth and adolescence and exercise uptake in middle age through a life course perspectiveMargaret Volante, John Watt, Rhonda CohenLondon Sport Institute 
Bo Chan KimMeasuring effectiveness of shots leading to goals from successful teams in footballNic James, Hyong Jun Choi (external)London Sport Institute 
Fatemeh FazeliThe cross cultural perception of obesity in children and the impact of a physical activity protocolRhonda Cohen, Nicola PayneLondon Sport Institute 
Gabor CsataljayThe determinants of successful basketball performance under different match situationsNic James, M Hughes, H DancsLondon Sport Institute 
Jongwon KimPerturbations leading to goal scoring opportunities in footballNic JamesLondon Sport Institute 
Joshua JackmanRecovery in the aging athleteEmma Cockburn, Phill Bell (external)London Sport Institute 
Julia WellsPerformance Analysis in Canoe SlalomNic James, Mike Hughes (external), Tim Caudrelier (external)London Sport Institute 
Laura Jane WilsonEfficacy of whole body cryotherapy as a recovery intervention in athletic populationsEmma Cockburn, Lygeri DimitriouLondon Sport Institute 
Matthew SpringhamAcute and chronic interactions between training and game load, recovery markers and performance in professional football. Anthony Turner, Emma Cockburn, Nic JamesLondon Sport Institute 
Matthew Francis FianderCoaches’ decision making: Identifying cues utilised in team selection decisionsMark Coulson, Nic James, Juliette Stebbings (Birmingham Uni)London Sport Institute 
Nimai Chandra ParmarPerformance Analysis of Professional Rugby LeagueNic James, Andrew Greenlaugh, Mike HughesLondon Sport Institute 
Paula RankinThe effect of milk supplementation on recovery from exerciseEmma Cockburn, Nic James, Emma Stevenson (Newcastle University)London Sport Institute 
Scott NichollsFeedback Science and the Deployment of Technology in Elite Olympic SportsNic James, Goran Vuckovic, Joe TaylorLondon Sport Institute 
Stafford MurrayAnalyse the tactics and movement patterns of different levels of squash player under different scoring systems using the SAGIT squash analysis system Nic James, Mike Hughes (external), Goran Vuckovic (external)London Sport Institute
Ivan PunevAnalysis of the methylation status of CGB genes promoter region in epithelial cancer cell lines

Beata Burczynska, Celia Bell, Helen Owen

Dept – Natural Science

Sarah EdwardsEmpathy, mentalisation and violent behaviourDoS JRA; Second Supervisor, Jacqueline M Gray 
Mia Scally

Child custody in the context of Intimate Partner Violence and Abuse

DoS JRA; Second Supervisor, Lisa Marzano whilst Miranda A H Horvath is on maternity leave 
Feyishola (Shola) Apena-Rogers

Understanding the commission process of sex offending on London railways: An integrated theoretical framework.

DoS Jacqueline M Gray, Second Supervisor JRA 
Ivan PunevAnalysis of methylation status of CGB gene promoter region via Methylation-Sensitive High Resolution Melting (MS-HRM) in cancer cell lines.  
Duncan AllardyceAnalysis of methylation status of CGB gene promoter region via Methylation-Sensitive High Resolution Melting (MS-HRM) in cancer cell lines  
Ali OlkunStudies on the biodiversity of Pseudomonas aeruginosa strains isolated from the cystic fibrosis lung using proteogenomic approaches  
David WoldridgeInvestigations into the effects of selective pressures on the diversification of established microbial populations in diseaseAjit Shah & Saheer Gharbia (external)

Dept – Natural Science

Tony DedmanBiomarkers for early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease  
Claire PowellMothers Separated from their Infants in Prison: Using attachment theory to understand how prisons can provide support  
Stephen AsburyA study of governance and assurance in health and safety managementAlan Page & Hemda Garelick

Dept – Natural Science

Mufadhi Alzayed

Computer-assisted Intervention for Effective Mathematics Learning in Down’s Syndrome Children


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