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Ethical, professional and timely evaluation for evidence based policy implementation.

Problem focused policy and problem solving targets are fundamental to today's criminal justice. We can help you to be more pro-active and to react when best informed by evidence. We can devise evaluation tools, and advise about best measures already available. We can provide project evaluation, built in to your initial intervention design or evaluation implemented later on in the process. We can also train you so that you can better assess and prioritise your future evaluation needs. We are bound by professional regulations on conduct and you can be assured that our approaches to your evaluation will be well considered, ethical and professional.

Example Report: Stockwell Green Community Services and the SEED and PROSEED projects.

Case Study

Police Community Engagement

Developing partnerships and coordinating services within communities is key to tackling crime and creating safer neighbourhoods. Using focus groups and in depth interviews, this evaluation worked with training providers, safer neighbourhood teams, members of police partnership teams, and others. Findings helped to improve training packages, communication between police and community and led to in depth exploration of the functioning of the Community Engagement Programme.

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