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"The impact of the REA on the effect on children and young people of viewing pornography that the Office of the Children's Commissioner commissioned from Middlesex University should not be underestimated.  The work provided, for the first time, incontrovertible evidence that viewing pornography affects the behaviour of young people. It received widespread media coverage and was cited in a number of parliamentary debates and discussions after we sent it to MPs, Peers and others, who we knew would be interested in its findings.

The report was published at an opportune time: it captured the zeitgeist following high profile child abuse cases and public anxiety about the online safety of children.  The Government moved quickly to address many of its recommendations, including making it harder to access online pornography and revisiting the PHSE teaching curriculum."

Sue Berelowitz, Deputy Children's Commissioner for England

''Safer London Foundation works with diverse, vulnerable groups. This makes it vitally important that researchers show sensitivity when approaching our projects and in fulfilling our needs. Middlesex University's Forensic Psychological Services conjure up a mix of professionalism, integrity, reliability and honesty, but above all they understand their clients and work closely with them to achieve the desired outcomes.''

Jill Andrews, Operations Director
Safer London Foundation 

''I would like to extend my gratitude to you and the other members of Forensic Psychological Services of Middlesex University for your valuable, tangible, effective and professional support to our team at Stockwell Green Community Services.  We always found you approachable and sensitive to community needs.''

Toaha Qureshi, Chief Executive Officer
Stockwell Green Community Services

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