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Why do a placement?

Students of the Psychology Department have excellent career prospects, with over 90% of our graduates employed within six months of completing their degree. One of the reasons for this is the work placements scheme.

During a placement year, students put their studies into context in a workplace related to their interests and long-term career ambitions. Undertaking a work placement gives students the opportunity to practice their skills and develop them further in the real world.

Placements encourage students to think outside the box, promote progress and achievement. They are designed to make students aware of any gaps in their skills and provide the opportunity to address them. Students leave their placement better placed to promote themselves to future employers, and many are offered a permanent position at their placement provider after they graduate.

A year working on placement allows students to experience a potential career path and learn what they do and don't want to do in the future. A placement can also provide the chance for students to carry out field research for their dissertation, or provide the inspiration for their research project.

"I advise students to use the placement opportunity to practice their skills and enhance them further. Embracing the challenges and opportunities that come your way allow you to test and know yourself better, in order to understand more clearly the career path you want to follow."

Dr Letitia Slabu, Senior Lecturer in Psychology and Placements Scheme Coordinator

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