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Student Stories: Stephen McManus

Stephen McManus was inspired to pursue a degree in midwifery following the births of his own two children – and the former carpenter says he now can't imagine himself doing anything else.

Stephen McManus Midwifery student"It's been the best decision I've made career-wise," Stephen says. "The lecturers at Middlesex have been amazing. If there's anything additional that you need outside of the course – because it is demanding – all the help is there, from both staff and other students."

One of the most valuable aspects of the BSc Midwifery degree, Stephen says, is the opportunity to share experiences and swap stories through dedicated reflective sessions. "We speak about experiences that we've had and go through reflective models to see how we've felt and what could have made it better," he explains. "If you haven't experienced something yourself but someone else has, it's a good way to get a heads-up on what you might do in that situation. You also get to know the people in your class a lot better, and in a course such as this, your peers are an incredibly valuable source of support and help."

Stephen's practical placements have seen him work in maternity suites, antenatal clinics, post-natal wards and out in the community. Each experience has not only put his knowledge to the test, but allowed him to be part of life-changing situations which have reaffirmed his passion for his chosen career.

"There was one woman who had been trying for a baby for 12 years," he recalls. "The baby was completely fine and it was a lovely delivery – she was amazing. Seeing the joy in her and her partner's face was incredible. There's a reason people say the birth of your child is the best day of your life, and I get to see this every single day."

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