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Occupational health and safety

An occupational health and safety apprenticeship

Develop competent and accredited health and safety practitioners in your workforce by partnering with us for a degree apprenticeship.

Your staff will learn to think and evaluate critically meaning you can recruit and retain a skilled workforce. They can even go onto become leaders and innovators in this area for your organisation.

Partner with us

Our occupational health and safety expertise

  • Benefits for your organisation

    Our degree apprenticeship courses has been developed to meet the need for skilled professionals doing important work in risk and safety management. We've been recognised worldwide, are accredited by the Institute of Occupational Health and Safety and our programmes attract students from international businesses.

    Our practitioners are experts in their own field and many have professional backgrounds so are well placed to teach the latest industry developments. This means the apprentice will develop the relevant skills and knowledge to become an invaluable addition to your organisation.

  • Benefits for your staff

    You'll be developing a skilled, accredited staff member who makes sure that you comply to the latest health and safety legislation meaning you reduce the risk of health and safety issues to your business.

    Your staff will learn to apply the principles of risk awareness and risk evaluation and can bring issues from your workplace to explore in detail with our practitioner academics and through their work on the programme.

    Apprentices will become Grad IOSH once they’ve completed the course and at the start of their chartership.

Degree apprenticeship programmes in Occupational Health and Safety

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