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Studying with us during coronavirus in 2021


A policing apprenticeship

We'll work with you to develop a dynamic degree apprenticeship programme that fits the changing needs of police services and your workforce.

Partner with us

Our policing expertise

Work with the Met

We've been associated with the Metropolitan Police for decades. Together we've developed work-based postgraduate programmes for senior officers and delivered them working with police staff, including as support for university teaching. And our single-site campus is in Hendon, north London, an area that's close to the training centre for the Metropolitan Police Service.

The changing needs of policing

We recognise that policing is dynamic and we make sure our programmes reflect that. We liaise with other universities and police services to make sure that we provide leading-edge education and training for officers.

Our ambitions for the future

Our work-based learning practitioners use their expertise evolve our programmes and find new ways to support the police. For example, we intend to expand our programmes to work with officers at all levels in the future.

Degree apprenticeship programmes in Policing

  • BSc Professional Policing Practice
  • GradDip Professional Policing Practice
  • Grad Cert Professional Practice (Policing Education)

How we work with the police

Analysing crime with VALCRI

VALCRI - Visual Analytics for Sense-making in Criminal Intelligence Analysis - is an EU funded project co-ordinated by Middlesex. The project has developed and trialled a semi-automated analysis system to generate ideas about how, when and why a crime was committed. VALCRI finds connections that humans often miss. Over more than 4 years, the team worked with over 25 law enforcement agencies in 9 countries (which includes Europe, Australia, Hong Kong and the US) and 108 analysts.

West Midlands Police are currently testing VALCRI along with police in Antwerp, Belgium.

  • Working with the College of Policing

    We have an ongoing collaboration with the College of Policing to implement the Policing Education Qualification Framework.

    As part of this work, we're leading a consortium that shares best practices across universities and liaises with policing teams across geographical points in England.

  • Leading the Police Engagement Group

    We're improving coordination across policing, higher education and the local community with our Police Engagement Group. The group aims to make sure that all policing programmes are fit for purpose and that assessments are relevant and realistic. This work means we can enhances existing programmes and develop new degrees and programmes that meet skills gaps.

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