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Supporting Middlesex University

There are several ways that you can provide financial support to Middlesex University, from granting scholarships for talented students, supporting research excellence, alleviating student hardship and making a difference to almost any aspect of student life you would like to give a donation to.

Your support of students allows us to continue to provide world class and life changing education to students no matter what their background is.

You can support us online now by making a single gift or by setting up a regular direct debit.


For any queries, please contact Zara Newman:

+44 (0) 20 8411 6812
Tel: +44 (0) 20 8411 5897

For more information about MoDA, please visit the website.

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    • Scholarship programme

      By sponsoring a scholarship or award, your generous donation will unlock potential and transform lives. We provide a comprehensive range of scholarships, so that talented students from any background can take advantage of our world class education in state of the art facilities. You can set the criteria of how you would like your scholarship to be distributed, for example in can be open to students in a particular discipline, to financially disadvantaged students or the first in the family to go to University. Scholarships can also be given in memory of a loved one to perpetuate their name.

      See our full range of our current scholarships for more information.

      By giving a scholarship you will help to provide financial support for the most able students who might otherwise be unable to study due to personal constraints.

      To discuss a scholarship further, please contact Zara Newman:

      Tel: +44 (0) 20 8411 6812
      Tel: +44 (0) 20 8411 5897

    • Development fund

      Your contribution to the development fund provides financial support to the University to help us deliver life-changing education to students and engage in research that benefits all of society. It can also help develop new facilities so that students and researchers have access to the very best tools. Your donation can be allocated to a particular project or School at your request, or used flexibly to allow quick response to the areas with the greatest need.

      If you would like further information about a gift to the Development Fund, please contact Zara Newman at or +44 (0) 20 8411 5050.

    • Gifts and legacies

      Leaving a legacy to Middlesex University allows you to make a long term impact by giving the gift of education to others less fortunate, and can become a permanent memorial to your achievements. It can commemorate a lifelong passion such as art & design or sport and you can specify where you want your gift to be directed to benefit students and staff in the future.

      We would be pleased to work with you to ensure that any legacy is used exactly in a way that suits you. You can make a gift of any size: there is no minimum or maximum amount. Even a modest amount from the residue of your estate, after you have provided for family and friends, will make a huge difference to the University.

    • The Museum of Domestic Design & Architecture

      The Museum of Domestic Design & Architecture at Middlesex University welcomes donations to support a variety of activities that may not otherwise be possible. These could be in relation to collection care and documentation, engaging with our audiences, research and learning events or projects. Thank you for your support.

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