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Fine art

Find your unique creative voice as an artist

Learn from cutting-edge and multi-disciplinary artists, theorists and curators who are involved in research and exhibit their work regularly. They will help you develop your creativity, master your craft and bring your ideas to life.

Fine Art showreel

The showreel contains two short films by 3rd year students Khaila Williams and Ariane Monds and documentation of a 1st year site specific exhibition at Luman Studio in St Johns Church.

Our Fine Art courses at a glance

Cutting-edge teaching

You'll benefit from the teachings of tutors and guest speakers such as Keith Piper (founding member of BLK Art Group), Alexandra Kokoli (author of The Feminist Uncanny), artist Ergin Cavusoglu and others.

Top 150

in the world for Art and Design courses.

State-of-the-art facilties

Our outstanding facilities in The Grove, our specialist building for art, design, media and performing arts, are among the best in the country.

Our Fine Art studios

Our dedicated art studios mean you can fully immererse yourself in your work.

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