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Advanced Practitioner Inquiry

Module code WBH 4630
Level 7
Start date September 2023
30 January 2024            
Duration12 weeks part-time
FeesSee the Fees below
Module leader Ruth Miller


This module is designed to develop your understanding of advanced inquiry methodologies which are appropriate for senior health, social care or education practitioners

You will be supported to design a proposal for a real work based project that has clear objectives related to your own professional development and the development of practice in your setting.

This module can be studied remotely.

Course content

Over the course of the programme, you will be supported to:

  • Develop your concept of practitioner inquiry, work based projects and being an ‘insider’
  • Undertake a situational analysis and identify practice development issues
  • Define project aims and objectives for a real work based project
  • Investigate a range of appropriate approaches and methodologies for practitioner inquiry and improvement projects such as action research, mixed methods, Audit and Evaluation, Case study, Phenomenology
  • Investigate different data generation and analysis methods for different purposes
  • Consider ethical issues and approval processes.

Learning and teaching

You will be taught via blended learning which is learner-centred and supported by:

  • Tutor led seminars which can be on-campus or on-line
  • Structured learning resources and activities supported through MyUniHub (online)


The fees* below refer to the 2023/24 academic year unless otherwise stated.

Per credit: £63
15 credits: £945

*Course fees are subject to annual inflation.


You will be assessed through a 3,500 word proposal for a work based project as well as a critical commentary on professional engagement, leadership strategies and your own professional development (1000 words).

You will also need to provide a portfolio of selected preparatory activities (1,500 words).

How to apply

For application information, please see our Information for Practitioners page.

If you want to take this module as part of a master’s programme than please refer to the relevant programme page and apply.

For further guidance on this module, please contact Ruth Miller r.miller@mdx.ac.uk

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