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Avid: Pro Tools - Operator Certification I Post (PT200P)

Module code PT200P
Duration Five days
Attendance Full-time
Fees £1,500


This course combines Pro Tools - Production I (PT201) and Pro Tools - Production II (PT210P), and builds on the foundations of the Pro Tools 100 level courses (Fundamentals I and Fundamentals II).

Upon completion, you will have a comprehensive understanding of the core concepts needed to operate a Pro Tools | HD system in professional studio and post-production environments, and the accompanying skills to put these into effect.

Avid solutions are used to create the most listened to, watched and loved media in the world. The certified Avid courses we offer equip budding media enthusiasts and seasoned professionals with the skills required to harness Avid’s powerful technology with proficiency.

When training with us you can expect exceptional teaching from seasoned industry practitioners, an award-winning learning environment, and access to all the latest technology and equipment.

What's included

  • You'll receive tuition from certified trainers
  • You'll have access to an individual workstation equipped with Mac Pro or iMac
  • All course-related materials are included
  • You will be able to take the Avid Certified User Examinations at the end of the course.

Course content

This short course will cover the following areas:

  • Optimising Pro Tools | HD system settings
  • Customising I/O settings
  • Working with Window Configurations
  • Voice and disk allocation options
  • Sharing tracks for collaboration
  • Indexing volumes for quick searching with a Workspace browser
  • Advanced selection, nudging and shifting techniques
  • Advanced auditioning techniques, pre- and post-roll auditions
  • Alternate Edit tools and advanced editing techniques
  • Clip alignment techniques
  • Basic Commands Keyboard Focus mode shortcuts
  • Working with Clip Gain
  • Advanced automation functions
  • Setup and use of AFL and PFL solo modes
  • Submixing and bus interrogation techniques
  • Working with VCA Master tracks
  • Common mixdown techniques
  • Synchronising Pro Tools | HD systems in a Post environment
  • Working with non-linear video in Pro Tools
  • Working with video tracks
  • Configuring Pro Tools Video Satellite
  • Understanding AAF Interchange within Pro Tools
  • Field Recorder workflows
  • Recording and editing dialogue in Pro Tools
  • Managing audio assets
  • Sound Design
  • Mixing audio to picture
  • Using multiple delivery methods.

Upon completion of this course, you will understand how to use Pro Tools | HD in professional studio and post-production environments. Upon successful completion of the course examinations, you will also gain Avid Certified Operator (Post) status.

How to apply

To enrol onto this course, you must have successfully completed Pro Tools - Fundamentals I (PT101) and Pro Tools - Fundamentals II (PT110).

For further information about this course and the next teaching dates, please email our Digital Media Workshop team.