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Practice Education: Stage 1 module

Module code SWK4011
Level 7
Credits 30
Fees £980
Start dateSeptember 2023 & April 2024


This module allows candidates to gain a greater understanding of some of the main areas involved in supervising, teaching, mentoring, coaching and assessing social work students. Successful completion of this module allows learners to progress to the Practice Education Stage 2 module.

Entry requirements

Qualified Social Worker with at least 2 years' post-qualifying experience.Experience of working with a student social worker and/or NQSW.

Course content

You will develop a greater understanding, through theory and practice of adult learning, supervision models and the practical aspects of being a practice educator, for example, conducting observations.

Module content includes:

  • The induction, mentoring and formal supervision of pre-qualifying social work students
  • Conducting direct observations
  • Pre-qualifying social work practice requirements and the related knowledge and values within the workplace in relation to PCF, PEPS and KSS
  • Working with students who have learning needs

Teaching dates

September cohort:

  • Friday 8th September 2023
  • Friday 15th September 2023
  • Friday 13th October 2023
  • Friday 3rd November 2023
  • Friday 24th November 2023

April cohort:

  • Friday 5th April 2024
  • Friday 12th April 2024
  • Friday 10th May 2024
  • Friday 7th June 2024
  • Friday 21st June 2024

KSS: C&F (1,6,7,8,9,10,11), Adults (2-10)

How to apply

Please email our CPD Social Work Administration team to express an interest in this module.

To be eligible to apply, you must have some prior experience of either working with a student social worker (conducting observations or acting as a practice supervisor for example) and/or have experience of working with a social worker in their ASYE.

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