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Practice Educator module

Module codeNSA 3700 (Level 6)
NSA 4700 (Level 7)
Start date October 2020
Duration 6 days on campus, full-time
Credits 30
Fees £60 per credit
Module leader Nora Cooper
Tina Moore 


This module serves to enable practitioners to develop an in-depth understanding  of ways of teaching and facilitating the variety of  learners  that are in the practice area .

Students do need to have an active role in supporting learners in practice.

Course content

On successful completion of this module, you will be able to:

  1. Debate the impact and growth of the role of the practice teacher-practice educator in the context of the development of professional practice.
  2. Develop expertise and critically evaluate innovative and creative learning opportunities in the  practice setting and work within collaboration of other health professionals
  3. Evidence mastery of the role of learning theories and underpinning pedagogy
  4. Critically evaluate and demonstrate the effectiveness of assessment strategies utilised by professionals.
  5. Synthesise and interpret written feedback showing evidence of competence
  6. Critically appraise own performance in relation to the practice education role and develop an action plan for future development.

Teaching and learning

An adult learning approach will be utilised, in order to acknowledge the status of the students as registered practitioners with significant prior learning. The aims and learning outcomes of this module relate to developing a core body of knowledge, in order to facilitate these a range of teaching and learning strategies will be employed.

The focus is on approaches that encourage students to be responsible for their own learning and progress. It is recognised that individuals learn in different ways, by providing a range of teaching and learning strategies it is intended to maximise student potential. Student presentations, scenario work, and pre and post sessional work are important components of the module that students are required to engage in.

Students will attend University for 6 taught days: Day 1: 6/10 2020, Day 2: 3/11/2020, Day 3: 1/12/2020, Day 4: 12/1/2021, Day 5: 9/2/2021, Day 6: 16/3/2021 (subject to change). You will also need to attend half a day for induction (Date to be confirmed).


Students will submit a portfolio of evidence and a reflection on their role and development at a personal/professional level and the impact of their role on others.

How to apply

  • You must be a registered health care practitioner and have an opportunity to teach learners in the practice area.
  • Provide evidence of ability to study at level six (degree level)

You need to identify a colleague in the practice area who will be able to support you while you undertake this course and contribute to the assessment process . This would usually be a qualified practice teacher

Further requirements

Your current employer must confirm the following:

  • You will be able to attend the 6 study days, plus additional time to undertake related activities.

Please visit our CPD page to download an healthcare and social work application form and for more information on the application process.

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