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Digital Marketing MSc/PGDip/PGCert

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September 2019
1 year full-time
2 years part-time
£12,000 (UK/EU) *
£16,500 (INT) *
Course leader
Franco Beschizza

Digital will continue to change the face of marketing for many years to come. Those who succeed will need knowledge of the consumer and how today digital marketing and analytics is at the heart of marketing today. Aspiring marketers need to understand the digital consumer and how the tools of digital work in practice; as well as the latest frameworks to plan, implement and evaluate digital marketing activity.

Why study MSc Digital Marketing at Middlesex University?

This course offers a comprehensive take on digital marketing with a strong emphasis on the application of theory to practice, in subject areas such as e-marketing, social media, analytics, consumer psychology and digital advertising. It has been designed for graduates who have studies in fields such as marketing, media, management and social sciences, as well as professionals working in marketing across public, private and voluntary sectors seeking specialist knowledge and career development.

Embedding an understanding of digital marketing strategies, dynamics and platforms, you will take the knowledge and skills developed on the course and apply them to a variety of practice based activities, including the use of real-life case studies, and a residential week with industry professionals. There is also the opportunity to incorporate a 6 month industry placement into your learning, enhancing the opportunity to integrate theory and practice.

Course Highlights

  • Covers fundamentally important subjects such as media strategy and consumer research, as well as highly relevant topics in the sector including digital marketing skills and creativity
  • Week-long residential in the UK gives you a fantastic opportunity to gain a practical and applied perspective of marketing
  • Optional modules allow for routes of specialisation on the course in a range of fields such as content, public relations and advertising
  • Opportunity to incorporate a 6 month placement through which to further explore learning in an industry based setting

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What you will study on the MSc Digital Marketing?

The course begins with the fundamentals of digital marketing to ensure you gain a holistic understanding of digital marketing strategy, emerging trends and technologies, and digital marketing in a wider context. From here your path can be defined by your interests and career needs, with optional modules of which you will select four.

If you are looking for an insights route you can explore areas such as consumer psychology and digital analytics, for a more creative path there is the opportunity to engage issues of content, PR and advertising, while for the strategically minded marketing management and entrepreneurialism in the digital sector would be of interest. The course ends with a dissertation, allowing you to explore in depth a digital marketing topic of your choice.

  • Modules

    • Marketing Strategy, Leadership and Planning (30 Credits) - Compulsory

      The aim of this module is to provide a systematic process and an analytical tool-kit that can deliver this success to a range of industries and organisations. Students will learn how to minimise the uncertainties surrounding marketing decisions through disciplined analysis of market trends, competitive intelligence and informed judgement. They will assess an organisation’s capability and capacity to design and deliver marketing strategies to meet expansion targets. They will develop and monitor strategies that can make all the difference between high and low performance in the market, including competitive positioning, growth and digitally orientated strategies. They will finally learn how to improve and maximise their leadership style to aid decision thinking, inspire people and achieve business goals.

    • E-Marketing and Social Media Management (30 Credits) - Compulsory

      The aim of this module is to develop students' knowledge and skills for deeply understanding and the emerging digital landscape, and develop the road-map to successfully compete in it. The module provides a critical overview of digital theories, tools, technologies and digital platforms that can be adopted by organisations to improve their approach to reach, acquire, and retain consumers. Though this module, students will be able to understand the key aspects of digital, mobile and social media theories and frameworks to incorporate digital strategies, tactics and tools.

    • Digital and Social Media Analytics (15 Credits) - Compulsory

      The module equips students with knowledge, tools and methods to maximise the business value of social media data. It covers the process of identifying the right unstructured data, analysing it, and interpreting and acting on the gained knowledge. This module further provides students the opportunity to become familiar with contemporary research techniques for data analytics such as web traffic analysis tools, social network analysis, social media harvesting and search engine optimisation.

    • Digital Advertising (15 Credits) - Compulsory

      The aim of this module is to provide students a deep understanding of the role of digital advertising in the marketing of products and services. Specifically, students will gain detailed knowledge on how to create successful digital advertising campaigns using specific digital advertising tools, methods and frameworks used to evaluate the effectiveness of digital advertising. Particularly, this module will equip students with the necessary skills as well as knowledge for a potential career in digital advertising and related fields.

    • Consumer Psychology (15 credits) - Compulsory

      The aim of the module is to explain the psychological foundations that direct consumers to choose products, services, experiences or ideas in order to satisfy their needs and wants. By understanding how thoughts, beliefs, feelings, perceptions, knowledge and attitudes drive decision making, the business can gain a powerful tool for company success.

    • Innovation-Driven Marketing (15 Credits) - Optional

      This module is underpinned by the ethos that ‘Entrepreneurship’ is now a career choice for many students in these challenging, dynamic and uncertain times. The recent developments in digital technologies has facilitated a new breed of Entrepreneur for the 21st century- the ‘ E-entrepreneur’ This module is designed to foster entrepreneurial talent and to encourage entrepreneurial skills underpinned by online digital technologies as a platform for students to shape their future careers ,income streams and destinies.

    • Entrepreneurship in the Digital Sector (15 Credits) - Optional

      This module is underpinned by the ethos that ‘Entrepreneurship’ is now a career choice for many students in these challenging, dynamic and uncertain times. The recent developments in digital technologies has facilitated a new breed of Entrepreneur for the 21st century- the ‘ E-entrepreneur’ This module is designed to foster entrepreneurial talent and to encourage entrepreneurial skills underpinned by online digital technologies as a platform for students to shape their future careers ,income streams and destinies.

    • Multichannel Marketing Management (15 Credits) Optional

      Following this the module introduces the offline and online retailing and its importance in creating a competitive advantage for the business. Students are provided with strategic models and tools to analyse the retailing and e-tailing environment.

    • Internship in the Digital Sector (15 Credits) - Optional

      The primary aim of this module is to build on students' academic learning of digital marketing by providing them with the opportunity to undertake a period of either paid or unpaid work experience in the digital sector during which they will apply and further develop work-related knowledge, skills and capabilities, together with the aptitude to learn from experience.

    • Professional Practice (0 Credits) Optional

      The aim of this module is to build on students' academic learning by providing them with the opportunity to undertake a six month period of work experience. The placement will provide students with the opportunity to develop work-related knowledge, skills and capabilities and embed the knowledge and skills they have acquired throughout their course. The module will integrate work experience into the students’ learning with the aim to maximise its impact on the development of skills, knowledge and professional practice. The module will therefore support students in the process of reflecting on their development, integrating theory and practice, developing their commercial awareness and thus enhance their personal and professional development.

    • Research methods & dissertation (60 Credits) Compulsory

      This module aims to assist students to develop an understanding of the research process and to conduct research leading to successful completion of their dissertation. It enables students to demonstrate proficiency in relation to scoping the issue(s)/problems, consideration of appropriate literature, collection and analysis of data, and developing specific recommendations or conclusions in relation to the research project.

You can find more information about this course in the programme specification. Module and programme information is indicative and may be subject to change.

How will the MSc Digital Marketing be taught?

The course features a number of different modes of learning that help enhance your understanding of the subject. These can range from traditional lectures and seminar sessions where you will engage with concepts and theories, explore key questions and carry out tasks such as devising and analysing marketing activity. You will also engage in sessions in a computer lab and take part in a residential to enhance understanding of practice issues.

You'll also have the opportunity to take part in our residential trip and gain a global insight and wider understanding of organisational perspectives outside London. You'll meet current marketing teams and hear from their directors and heads of departments during in-depth presentations and tours. You'll also explore contemporary themes of marketing and apply practitioner-based thinking to a variety of organisational areas.


You will be required to complete a number of coursework assignment for assessment. The coursework can be individual, such as plans, reports, memorandum and essays, or group which will involve activity including presentations and reports. Tutorials will also feature formal and informal feedback.

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How can the MSc Digital Marketing support your career?

Skills and knowledge in digital media can enhance a career in marketing through not just an understanding of the digital marketing strategies and platforms but also the ability to utilise and monitor new innovations in technology and market trends.

Careers specific to digital marketing can include:

  • Digital Marketing Officer
  • Social Media Analyst
  • Digital Campaigns Officer
  • CRM Officer or Manager
  • Digital Account Manager
  • PPC/SEO Analyst

Whether you’re want to go into marketing or digital marketing, developed your consultancy, work in social media; today, knowledge of the consumer, digital and analytics is at the heart of marketing. The huge growth in digital marketing activity over the last decade has created huge demand for professionals with the skills and knowledge needed in this highly dynamic and fast paced sector.

  • Jose Maria Ramirez Vila-Coro

    MSc Digital Marketing

    I chose to study this course because of the quality of teaching that Middlesex provides, the facilities and the dedication the University has to achieve excellency. I would say that the residential trip during the course represents the most real example of a work project and provided me with the opportunity to discover the way that certain companies develop themselves. It was a truly exciting experience and really boosted my motivation and has made me more confident as a person.

    This course gave me the chance to work on projects, experience new ways to work and enhanced my leadership skills.

  • Middlesex staff profile

    Rebekah Kamsky

    MA e-Marketing and Social Media

    Rebekah moved to London from Malta to study MA in e-Marketing and Social Media, the only masters programme available in London that specialises in social media .

    I've always been passionate about marketing, and aspired to work in the marketing industry. I felt that gaining a postgraduate degree would open up doors for career progression within this field and that specialising in digital marketing and social media, would allow me to have specialist skills that are highly sought after in today's competitive digital world.

    This programme fits perfectly with my goals and expectations. It offers an innovative syllabus that has the perfect balance between theory and practice. It provides students with the possibility to work in groups and collaborate with academics and other leading professionals in the industry. More specifically, students are assigned to work individually or in groups for developing social media strategies for large organisations in London and Chicago. The visit to Chicago and participating in the Wilson Project have been definite highlights for me.

    Studying in London, without any exception is a fantastic experience. The programme has definitely met my expectations, and has given me the grounds, networks and knowledge needed to begin my career in this field. I am confident that this course will enable me to pursue a professional career within the area of e-Marketing and Social Media.

  • Livia Movilescu

    e-Marketing and Social Media

    I must say that all my expectations have been met by my professors who invested time in my development. Also, they became role models for me and fellow students by constantly encouraging us to learn more and to develop our skills. The university's online resources were extremely useful in covering some gaps in my knowledge and The Sheppard Library has been my companion throughout my e-marketing adventure. The high quality of the programme was overall the most important benefit of studying at Middlesex University.

    The course helped me to gain an internship in an award-winning digital agency where I got the opportunity to put into practice all the theories learned during the course. This experience helped me understand the UK working environment better and has prepared me for a full-time job.

  • Natasha Veinberg

    MA e-Marketing and Social Media

    I chose to specialise in e-Marketing and Social Media because I believe digital marketing and social networking platforms are changing the way we perceive, acquire and share music. The music industry has been facing challenging times, due to copyright infringement issues and illegal file-sharing; however, social media has brought innumerable possibilities to create innovative content and, as a result, could potentially generate alternative and satisfying sources of revenues. I want to be part of that change and I believe this course has given me the skills and abilities to develop and implement effective strategies to measure the impacts of social media and digital marketing in the music industry.

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