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PGCE Secondary Education Mathematics

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September 2019
1 year full-time
£9,250 (UK/EU)
£12,900 (INT)
Course leader
Raza Kazim

An exciting cocktail of creativity, problem-solving and logical reasoning, mathematics is an essential part of many professions and everyday life. And from the early study of astronomy to the recent creation of Facebook, mathematics has always been at the heart of life-changing discoveries. Are you ready to empower the next generation of mathematical pioneers?

Why study PGCE Mathematics (QTS) at Middlesex University?

Mathematics teachers are in great demand and this course enables you to meet the national standards for the award of qualified teacher status. Combining theory and practice, you will comprehensively investigate the structure of the mathematics curriculum, considering numbers and algebra, shape, space and measures, and handling data. You will be encouraged to provide evidence of your own development in teaching and learning.

Under the guidance of our team of experts, students become involved in designing, producing, teaching and evaluating a range of materials currently used to support Mathematics in the secondary school.

We have excellent relationships with schools in London, Essex and Hertfordshire and during your studies, you will have the opportunity to undertake teaching placements in at least two secondary schools, allowing you the chance to acquire skills in the application of new technologies in teaching and learning. Schools are carefully selected to suit each individual and expose them to a wide variety of imaginative and thought provoking learning strategies. Key experts from our partner schools will always be on hand to offer invaluable mentoring and support.

Course highlights

  • You will have the opportunity to undertake an enhanced placement in a third educational setting
  • Middlesex University provides links with wider educational providers to give you an experience of leading learning
  • You will learn from experienced and personalised tutors who are subject specialists
  • As a student of this course you'll receive a free electronic textbook for every module.

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What will you study on PGCE Mathematics (QTS)?

At the start of the course you will be shown how to audit your mathematics subject and pedagogical knowledge and you will develop an action plan to address gaps in subject knowledge. The course begins with developing your understanding of the purpose and rationale for teaching mathematics in schools, and engages you with research and literature about the pedagogy of mathematics teaching and how to teach your subject effectively.

Through interactive workshop, tutorials, lectures and debates, our team of expert staff will equip you with the skills and experience necessary to educate and inspire secondary pupils. You will critically evaluate the effectiveness of a wide range of resources and your own lesson plans. You will analyse research data and critically evaluate how research has contributed to the knowledge and understanding of how to teach your subject effectively.

  • Modules

    • Secondary Professional Development 1 (30 Credits) - Compulsory

      This module aims to introduce the professional secondary school environment. You will demonstrate your progress in developing your understanding and skills necessary to operate as an effective teacher in a secondary school. As such, it supports you to progress towards the achievement of current requirements for the award of Qualified Teacher Status.

    • Secondary Professional Development 2 (30 Credits) - Compulsory

      This module aims to consolidate your professional practice in a second secondary school environment. It aims to ensure you can demonstrate the understanding and skills necessary to operate as an effective teacher in a secondary school. As such, it supports you in the achievement of statutory requirements for the award of Qualified Teacher Status.

    • Professional Knowledge and Pedagogy (30 Credits) - Compulsory

      This module aims to develop your understanding and skills necessary to operate as a critically reflective teacher in a secondary school. You will be assessed by undertaking a small-scale research assignment that compares theoretical perspectives in education with the reality found in school.

    • Mathematics Education (30 Credits) - Compulsory

      This module builds on the learning and skills developed in the Professional Knowledge and Pedagogy and the Secondary Professional Development 1 modules and aims to deepen your understanding and skills necessary to operate as a critically reflective mathematics teacher in a secondary school setting. You are summatively assessed through a Monitoring and Assessment assignment. Here you design, resource, teach and evaluate a scheme of work that reflects best practice in Mathematics education and assessment.

You can find more information about this course in the programme specification. Module and programme information is indicative and may be subject to change.

How is the PGCE Mathematics (QTS) taught?

You will spend at least 120 days in schools that include two school experiences (Secondary Professional Development 1 and Secondary Professional Development 2) in which you will teach for approximately 60% of the timetable. Each placement has a block element to provide a sustained teaching experience over the complete teaching week.

The remaining 60 days of the programme is university based, where you will attend lectures, seminars and practical workshops. The course will comprise of a range of presentations, discussions and practical workshops where exemplar material can be selected from mathematics contexts.


The two school experiences are assessed against the professional requirements under the Teachers’ Standards:

  • Professional Knowledge and Pedagogy is assessed through coursework by undertaking a small-scale research assignment
  • Mathematics Education is assessed through coursework, by undertaking a Monitoring and Assessment assignment
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How can the PGCE Mathematics (QTS) support your career?

We are proud to have strong and committed partnerships with hundreds of schools located in London and the surrounding area. This means that during your studies you will take part in work placements at a variety of schools, where you will have an opportunity to apply the skills you have learnt. Many students go on to commence their careers at the school where they completed a placement during the course, with more than 98% of students finding employment soon after graduation.

Recent research into teachers' daily experiences by the Department for Education has found that teaching is better at giving you a 'natural high' than many other professions. The starting salary of an newly qualified teacher is at least £23,720 a year (£29,664 if working in inner London) and, on average, teachers' salaries increase by 30% after the first four years of their career.

Teachers can find career progression in both the classroom and the school's management structure. You might aspire to become the head of a department, age group or curriculum. And through developing your leadership skills and experience, you could progress to a senior management position, such as deputy head or head teacher (earning a salary of between £52,771 and £118,490).

For more information on salary and career progression, visit the Department for Education's website.

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