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Studying with us during coronavirus in 2020 to 2021

Research degrees

General degrees

Our degrees offer you the opportunity to explore innovative ways to tackle major academic problems.

Like you, we are committed to the pursuit of excellence through learning, and our supervisors will support you as develop your existing knowledge and skills to make a difference in your professional field.

With our support, you can focus on your area of expertise and can be jointly supervised by our academics and a collaborating partner, if you are working in partnership with an external organisation.

We offer a blended approach, combining face-to-face tutorials, workshops available via our Virtual Learning Environments and electronic and physical access to our campus library.

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Subject specific degrees

These subject specific degrees offer you the chance to explore your area of expertise in greater depth, with the support of our specialist tutors.

With specialisms available in Biology, Environmental Science, Law, Tourism and Art and Design.

Our academics are specialists are experts in their fields and you will work with a supportive peer group, with access to our specialist facilities on our North London campus. You will develop rigorous research and project management skills and have the opportunity to make a significant contribution to professional or organisation learning and development.

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MSc by Research degrees

These master's programmes provides an opportunity for you to undertake an individual real-world big-data research project. You can choose a project area from a wide variety of interdisciplinary domains, including business information systems, e-health, social media, cloud computing, smart homes, intelligent vehicles and ambient assisted living.

To support the interdisciplinary nature of these courses, you will have a core activity supervisor as well as a supervisor specialising in your chosen application area.

This degree is an entirely research-based master's programme. The majority of your time will be spent working on your research project in the library, laboratories or elsewhere, under the direction of your supervisors.

Alongside your independent study, you will also have tutorial lectures in the key areas of you chosen field. You will have regular meetings with your supervisor to review progress and plan future activities. You may also spend brief periods at partner sites, for example where your project involves collaboration with industry.

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