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Why choose Computer Science BSc at Middlesex?

A computer science degree will open up opportunities for you across all sectors – from software development to systems engineering and everywhere in between.

You will work on projects and use laboratory simulations to understand and solve real-world problems. You'll be empowered to work at a pace which suits your own objectives.

And we are a Cisco Local Academy partnered with Arm, Opnet and Xilinx University so you'll benefit from valuable industry insights and career advice.

We'll also help you to develop the skills, knowledge and experience highly-valued by employers and help you achieve your computer-based career goals or projects.

What you will gain

You’ll have the opportunity to take a year-long, paid work experience placement as part of a four-year study path, where you'll be able to put your knowledge into action.

We’ll also give you access to industry professionals and work experience opportunities to help you further develop your professional skills.

We'll ensure you get the skills, knowledge and experience that will help you launch a successful computer-based career.

You'll have the chance to gain industry-recognised certifications, including Cisco's CCNA and CCNP.

Global experiences

We offer unique global experiences which could include studying part of your degree abroad and doing a placement or volunteering in another country, as well as many international opportunities in London. You'll build your cultural awareness and understanding and get a competitive edge in the job market. You may even qualify for grant funding under the Turing Scheme. Find out how studying at Middlesex will increase your global experience.

What you will learn

You’ll gain an understanding of the key principles of computer science while you develop your programming, system engineering, and project experience skills.

Your first year will be entirely project-led, ensuring you practice your skills from the very start. You’ll also get the support, encouragement and confidence to put your skills into practice through individual and group projects.

The computer science department has pioneered an approach to learning and developed its own tool to measure your performance. You will develop your learning by:

  • Being given a broad range of examples, challenges and mini-projects in the first year
  • Taking part in practical problem-led real-world situations and simulations
  • Using languages such as Racket and tools such as REPL to test your own learning
  • Allowing you to investigate and demonstrate your knowledge and skills at your own pace
  • Moving towards projects and specialisms that chime with your passions and skills

Taking a year-long, paid placement as part of a four-year study path, with further access to industry professionals and work experience opportunities.

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