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International Foundation Programme (IFP)

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January 2023
September 2023
1 year full-time
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Please note, we're currently not accepting students from India.

The International Foundation Programme (IFP) will prepare you for undergraduate study in the UK. You will gain high levels of support as we help you settle into student life in London, and build the skills and confidence needed for successful degree study.

Why study the International Foundation Programme at Middlesex University?

The programme is aimed at students with intermediate to advanced levels of English, who have completed secondary school with good grades, but would like to improve their study skills to meet the entry requirements for an undergraduate degree at Middlesex.

During the course you will be introduced to a range of subjects taught on our undergraduate programmes, and we will offer you individual support in choosing and applying for your degree. The course will prepare you to begin an undergraduate course with confidence and settle into student life at Middlesex.

You will also:

  • improve your academic language skills and general level of English
  • develop your study skills and independent learning ability
  • become familiar with living and studying in the UK
  • be introduced to a range of undergraduate subject areas
  • receive support in choosing and applying to your degree

Please note, we're currently not accepting students from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Nigeria to our International Foundation courses.

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What will you study on the International Foundation Programme?

The programme incorporates a streamlined, integrated design based on four modules with a common underlying core theme. The core theme provides a stimulating learning platform which will relate to real life scenarios. Possible core themes include tourism, sustainability, education, environment or hosting a global event.

The core theme will also include a series of sub-themes covered in three week blocks, which will introduce you to a range of subjects taught on undergraduate programmes. These subject 'tasters' aim to inform your future choice of undergraduate degree and may include business, media, communications, global and social sciences subjects.

  • Modules

    • Academic Writing

      This module aims to develop the extensive reading and advanced writing skills necessary at undergraduate level and introduces you to different styles and types of university level writing. You will look at pieces of academic writing and analyse the structure with a view to incorporating what you have learnt into your own writing. Throughout the course, there will be multiple opportunities for you to practise academic writing, upon which you will receive feedback to help you improve. You will also be introduced to academic reading and be given multiple opportunities to develop the necessary reading skills required for undergraduate study.

    • Researching and presenting

      This course provides skills training for and substantial practice in carrying out small-scale research projects connected to the chosen core theme. It gives you the opportunity to work with other students to produce a written report and to give a short oral presentation based on the project. Research areas will be linked to the core theme and sub-themes.

    • Developing independent learning

      This module provides an excellent foundation for degree level study and is designed to develop key study skills necessary for successful undergraduate study. Through the use of a range of ICT applications you will have the opportunity to develop your learning and communication skills, providing you with competency and confidence across a range of IT user skills, including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and the Internet. The course also provides an introduction to Maths and Statistics for the analysis and presentation of data and the use of Virtual Learning Environments and the Internet.

    • Integrated subject based projects

      This module aims to consolidate the academic and study skills developed on the other three modules through project work and to develop your group working and problem solving skills by applying them to a range of case studies that relate to real life scenarios. You will work on a project based on the core theme through a series of case studies in a range of subject areas including Business, IT, Social Science Global World and Media and Communications. For example, one possible case study would be to find a suitable and creative solution to a global transport crisis that threatened the core theme event.

You can find more information about this course in the programme specification. Module and programme information is indicative and may be subject to change.

How is the International Foundation Programme taught?

  • Teaching by specialist subject lecturers and guest lecturers
  • Small class sizes with high-levels of support
  • 16 hours of supervised study per week including lectures, seminars, labs and individual tutorials
  • Individual and group tasks/projects
  • Support using library facilities and learning resources

Additional Support

  • Ongoing academic support in seminars, workshops, advice sessions and online
  • Individual programme planning and advice sessions to help you apply for your undergraduate degree
  • Support services to help you settle into life at Middlesex and in the UK.
  1. EU & International
  2. International
  3. How to apply
  1. UK & EU
  2. International
  3. How to apply
  4. Additional costs

This Investment and Finance course is for those who wish to progress into public and private sectors in areas such as corporate finance management, and investment banking, stock-broking, investment analyst, corporate finance or treasury management. Our graduates have gone on to work in a wide range of roles at companies including Abbey, HSBC and Bank of America.

Careers that this course will set you on the path towards include:

  • Investment Banker
  • Mutual Fund Manager
  • Financial Analyst
  • Commercial Banker
  • Broker
  • FX and Risk Manager

Ana Maria Franco Combita from Colombia completed a one-year International Foundation Programme at Middlesex before progressing onto the BA International Politics.

  • Ana Maria Franco Combita

    Ana Maria Franco Combita

    During the IFP I really improved my English, but also learned how to reference, write essays in English and use the library. It was really great that the pace of the IFP was slow – we started small, with short essays, and then built up to more difficult work over the year, before we were ready to start our degree.

    In the first year of your degree, they assume you already know everything  - so I feel like the IFP gave me a head start. I actually became the student rep for my course in the first year of my degree because I already knew how to use the library and reference my work. That was really cool. If it wasn't for the IFP I would have been in the same position as everyone else.

    The best part about the IFP was getting to know people from all over the world. It was great to experience so many different opinions and cultures in class. It's a glimpse into the real world! At home, we would have a debate in class and we'd talk about other countries or cultures, but we wouldn't really understand them. Here at Middlesex, we'll have a debate and people from all over the world will actually be taking part.

    The tutors on the IFP were really supportive. I did really well on the course, and because of that my tutor recommended me for a scholarship for my first year of my BA International Politics degree, and I was successful! I'm really grateful to her for that.

    I like being in London, but its really different to life back in Colombia – life goes very fast here! But it does captivate you, you feel busy and useful. I've learned lots in London, and I've discovered myself in many ways. In a sense, I even feel more proud of being Colombian after coming here, because everyone around you is different. It's a great experience.

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