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SMASHfest UK 2017

Event information

START DATE 13 May 2017
START TIME 11:00am

Grahame Park Community Centre, The Concourse, Colindale NW9 5XB

END DATE 13 May 2017
END TIME 04:00pm

A mini festival featuring art installations, performances, experiments and a ‘Survival Village’

SMASHfestUK, is a fun and interactive festival that Middlesex University partners with, based on Science, Technology, Engineering and Arts. The specific aim is to increase diversity and widen participation in STEM through the Arts. Each year the focus is on a different natural disaster, exploring how to survive and rebuild society after the events.

SmashfestUk festival staff and attendeesThis year’s theme is ‘Supervolcano’, featuring art installations, performances, experiments and a ‘Survival Village’.

Join us for this pop-up mini version of the festival in Colindale, great for all the family!

Middlesex University staff from the Faculty of Science and Technology will be there on the day with their own demonstrations.

Learn more about the event here.

This is a free event so bring the family and come along

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