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The Future is Leaving 2014

A diverse and pioneering art show by final year Fine Art students at Middlesex University promises to reveal the flair of emerging new artists exhibiting their work.

The exhibition, The Future is Leaving, comprises a spectrum of different art disciplines including painting, photography, installation, sculpture, sonic and performance art.

Fine Art lecturer and BA Programme Leader, John Timberlake said: "The diversity and originality of the work here proves that the students have worked really hard to reflect their themes in the show. I'm delighted with the quality represented and I'm sure it will appeal to all art lovers out there."

The work on display will highlight many themes,. Jany E. Thomas explores 'parallels with the production of sounds in performance by sonifying the body with erotic and hypnotic gestures'.

Ruth Lea will be performing collaboratively during the exhibition using paint and movement to leave elaborate traces. Paresha Amin's work involves making traces using natural detritus and interpreting these objects into kaleidoscopic imagery and forms of printmaking.

Other artists include Muji Lee, who creates complex structures through a process based on "reconstruction and de-functioning". James Crisp's installation of three-dimensional geometric drawings explore the perceptions of space and light.

Fine Art Senior Lecturer Kathleen Mullaniff said: "We are inviting visitors to come to this show to surprise and engage their senses and experience something new."

The Future Is Leaving is open to the public: 11-4pm on 29, 30 May and 2 June 2014 in Middlesex University's Grove Building. Free Admission.

For further information visit the Future is Leaving Facebook or Twitter.

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