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Water is the top element for debate at Middlesex University conference

A topical ‘Water’ conference at Middlesex University in Hendon will bring together top journalists, researchers, academics and thought leaders from the UK and world-wide organisations on Friday May 16.

A topical 'Water' conference at Middlesex University in Hendon will bring together top journalists, researchers, academics and thought leaders from the UK and world-wide organisations on Friday May 16.

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The conference is set to cover vital themes affecting water world-wide and the event takes a lead from the latest IPCC report, which places an emphasis on water and its widespread significance affecting the current political, ecological and ethical arenas, as well as the symbolic representation of water.

Top speakers will include renowned BBC journalist, Ed Stourton.  As a presenter of the Radio 4 series, A River Runs Through It, Ed will discuss the history and symbolism of the River Jordan.  Dr Abimbola Odumusu from Save the Children and Unicef, will be discussing 'Water: A growing concern for the poor'.

Sessions will also touch on themes closer to home, such as the flooding crisis in the UK and the growing acknowledgement of the contribution made by peatland habitats to the fabric of the UK and globally.

Other sessions include the pressing need for clean sanitised water and current hotly debated themes such as the political importance of water, water ecology, water and health and the symbolic and religious themes of water.

The day will consist of debates, conversations and presentations from a number of speakers, specialists and commentators. The aim is to show diverse approaches to water, the urgent need for action in light of the flux of globalisation and climate change and the different meanings and values placed on water as a resource.

Event lead and Middlesex University professor Dana Arnold said: "Everyone knows that water is a major concern that we can't afford to ignore in the modern world. Today, we're delighted to bring this debate to our doorstep here at Middlesex University.

"This conference is very relevant in raising the concerns of water here in the UK and world-wide. We hope the sessions today will help everyone further in playing a role to protect this vital element."

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The event is organised by the Centre for Ideas at Middlesex University. It takes place from 9.30am until 5.30pm at Middlesex University, College Building, The Burroughs, NW4 4BT – complimentary food and refreshments provided.

The conference agenda:

10.15 – 11.30 Session 1: Symbolism

Keynote: Ed Stourton (Journalist and Presenter of Radio 4 series A River Runs Through It, tracing the history and symbolism of the River Jordan)

Respondent  Aaqil  Ahmed

11.45 – 13.15 Session 2: Ecology

Simon  Read  -¬-  The River Deben Estuary in Suffolk

Graeme Evans  -¬-  From Coastal Cities to Lea Valley: Mapping the territory Richard Bullock -¬-    Monitoring wildlife at WWT London Wetland Centre -¬- More Questions than Answers

Richard  Lindsay (Sustainability Research Institute, University of East London) -¬-  Cinderella    wetlands - peatland ecosystem services and opportunities

14.15 – 15.15 Session 3: Health &Wellbeing

Keynote: Dr. Abimbola O. Odumosu (Save the Children & Unicef)

Water  Scarcity: 'A growing concern for the poor'.

Respondent Trish Hafford-Letchfield

15.30 – 17.00 Session 4: Geopolitics   

Peter Hough  -¬-    Melting but no meltdown: Arctic Cooperation and the Myth of 'Water Wars'

Colin Green  -¬- Water management: dancing the tango of governance and technology

Fergus Lyon  -¬- Transdisciplinary environmental research on land and water: Building trust across    professional cultures

Followed by closing remarks and drinks reception.

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