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China delegation visits Flood Hazard Research Centre


The Chinese delegation visiting the FHRC at Middlesex.Representatives and engineers from the Chinese city of Jinan visited Middlesex University's Flood Hazard Research Centre (FHRC) in September to learn about its work in flood risk management.

The delegation was visiting the UK to learn more about how water and flood management is approached here and to explore possible cooperation on consultation activities in the future.

Sue Tapsell and Colin Green from the FHRC were delighted to welcome the group, which included representatives from a number of the city's municipal authorities and engineering institutions.

This included the Municipal Public Utility Bureau, the Development Planning Office and Infrastructure Construction Office, as well as the Urban Flood Control Office, Drought Relief Headquarters and the Jinan Drainage Corporation.

Head of the FHRC Sue Tapsell said: "It was a pleasure to discuss our research and the flood management challenges in our two countries; we hope the visit will lead to further consultation opportunities with China.

"The delegation visited a number of universities during their trip to the UK but they were particularly interested in visiting the FHRC team at Middlesex because of our expertise and reputation in relation to research on flood risk management."

Jinan is the capital city of Shandong Province in eastern China and has a population of almost 7 million.

The city shares the same annual average rainfall as London so delegates were interested to learn how London tackles its water management issues.

British-based organisation Sino-UK Link organised the visit as part of its work promoting exchanges and business opportunities between the People's Republic of China and the UK. 

Watch a video about the Flood Hazard Research Centre's research:

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