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Tamasin Cole (1951 – 2014)

BA Graphic Information Design alumna Liz Lynch formed a lifelong friendship with her tutor Tamasin Cole. With an exhibition of Tamasin's lifetime of work opening in February, she remembers her inspirational lecturer.

Tamasin ColeI first met Tamasin in 1987 as a graphic design student at Middlesex's former campus at Cat Hill; Tamasin burst into my student life regaling me and the rest of the group with tales of how Quentin Crisp used to model for her at the Central School.

"He didn't just model," she told us. "He stood on his head naked, for hours!" How could any art student not love a tutor with such stories?

We were hooked. From that minute on, Tamasin nurtured, encouraged and inspired us. She took us on trips around London and shared her breadth of knowledge and wisdom with us.

My own interests in typography were fully supported by Tamasin and her keen eye for detail was instrumental in the way my own work and career developed over the years.

Tamasin was as excited by a map or a passport form as she was by a piece of chewing gum painted on the Millennium Bridge. She was a skilled printmaker, illustrator and artist but she also embraced new technology, including the Apple Mac Classics that were delivered to Middlesex in the late 80s.  

She dedicated many years to teaching and was thoroughly professional and truly loyal to her students. She cared about people and she cared about art.

Tamasin knew she was nearing the end of her life but she continued to work, to paint, draw and enjoy all the eccentricities that the world has to offer.

I last saw her a few weeks before her death. She walked me miles around the back streets of Greenwich, still showing me new things, still instilling in me a sense of scale and design.

Personally, my life and career would have been very different had I not crossed paths with her.

Tamasin; my friend, tutor and mentor died aged 63 in the summer of 2014.

An exhibition of Tamasin's lifetime of work will be held at The Gallery, Farringdon. The exhibition is open 15, 21 and 22 February from 10am - 6pm. For any enquiries please contact robin@imray.eu.

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