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Latin America Seminars: The intellectual impact of Latin America’s Pink Tide on Europe

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START DATE 18 February 2015
START TIME 06:00pm

MBA Room (W142), 1st Floor, Williams Building, Middlesex University, London

END DATE 18 February 2015
END TIME 08:00pm

The intellectual impact of Latin America’s Pink Tide on Europe: Syriza in Greece and Podemos in Spain

Recent events in Greece and Spain have the potential to substantially transform Europe's political landscape. Syriza – the now governing party in Greece – and its leader Alex Tsipras publically state that their politics have been inspired by developments associated with the 'Pink Tide' of Latin American governments.

The same applies in Spain where a newly emerging political movement/party Podemos, led by Pablo Iglesias, is currently leading the polls, thus raising the prospect of a Podemos government after this year's general election in the country.

The Business School's Latin American Studies Research Group has organised a seminar with two expert speakers to discuss the intellectual impact of Latin America's wave of left-wing governments on the rise of anti-austerity movements/parties in Greece and Spain.


Dr Marina Prentoulis is a Senior Lecturer at UEA (and a former lecturer at Middlesex University). She is a specialist of Ideologies and Discourse Analysis – the theme of her PhD. Her research interests are political communications, contemporary social movements, journalism and European radical ideologies, in particular those in Greece and Spain. 

Adria Porta Caballé is a member of the Department of Government, University of Essex. He researches on political philosophy, discourse analysis, ideology and economics. He has written extensively on post-crash economics and the rise of Podemos in Spain and its potential in Europe and the United Kingdom, and also on the demonisation of activism by the underdog. 

'Seminars on Latin America' offers a rare opportunity to present insightful analysis of contemporary issues in Latin America. The series is organised by Middlesex University's Dr Francisco Dominguez, who has written extensively on Latin American issues as well as Venezuela – a country he has visited to carry out research and got to know first hand. 

For further details of this event, please email F.Dominguez@mdx.ac.uk.

All colleagues and students are welcome to attend this event.

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