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Professor to teach on UN environmental crime course

Vincenzo Ruggiero to work with United Nations Interregional Crime Research Institute on strength of research

Vincenzo RuggieroProfessor of Sociology Vincenzo Ruggiero has been invited by the United Nations to help design and teach on a course for journalists, political representatives, academics, law enforcers, judiciary personnel and postgraduate students on the subject of environmental crime.

The Turin-based United Nations Interregional Crime Research Institute (UNICRI) has employed him as a senior tutor on the educational project tackling the illegal dumping of waste and toxic material; wildlife trade and forest crime; illegal fishing; the smuggling of ozone-depleting substances; corruption; and crime against the environment.

UNICRI was established in 1967 to support countries worldwide in preventing crime and facilitating criminal justice. According to the UN Environmental Program, the cost of environmental crime runs into the tens of billions pounds per year.

As part of his role, Professor Ruggiero will deliver a series of lectures in UN offices around the world, including in Turin, Vienna and New York.

Commenting on his appointment, Professor Ruggiero, whose article 'Dirty collar crime in Naples' was published in the UN's Freedom from Fear magazine, said: "I am very pleased that my work on environmental crime has been acknowledged and, with this chance I am given, will hopefully make an impact."

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