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Cameron most likely leader to deliver a fairer society, says poll

David Cameron has topped a poll of the political leaders people believe would be most effective at making Britain a fairer place.

David Cameron has topped a poll of the political leaders people believe would be most effective at making Britain a fairer place.

The Prime Minister took 21% of the vote in the YouGov poll commissioned by Middlesex University London, with Ed Milliband in second place with 19%.

And in worrying news for Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg, only 6% of people believe he would be the most effective political leader at making Britain a fairer place, with nearly twice that number (11%) backing UKIP leader Nigel Farage.

Nearly a third (29%) of respondents doubted that any of their current political leaders can deliver a fairer society.

The poll was commissioned to coincide with Middlesex University's Fairness Conference from 21-23 May, where speakers including Lib Dem peer Baroness Sharp of Guildford and Conservative MP John Redwood will discuss the idea of fairness in society and within the coalition Government.

Both will debate the idea of compromise, including what has been achieved and lost by going into coalition. Baroness Sharp is set to discuss fairness linked to redistribution of income through the tax and benefit system and in equality of opportunity through education and 'fair votes'.

John Redwood MP will argue that the issue of fairness between the coalition parties is a major one, both in terms of the make-up of the Government, how the two sides view "we're all in this together" and a point of difference that Redwood says comes down to: "The Conservatives feel it would be fairer to reward effort more, the Liberal Democrats think fairness requires taxing success more."

The poll asked 1,748 GB adults which political leader they thought would be the most effective at making Britain a fairer place. The results demonstrate that the greatest number of voters back current Prime Minister David Cameron over the other political leaders (21% compared to 19% for Labour leader Ed Milliband). A recent surge in success for UKIP is reflected by the fact that over 1 in 10 people (11%) believe Nigel Farage would be most effective in making Britain fairer, with Nick Clegg coming in last place of the options offered, with only 6%.

The area of Great Britain most sceptical about the choice of leaders and their ability to make Britain fairer was Scotland, where 36% of people polled believing that none of the leaders would be effective in this aim.

Middlesex University's Fairness Conference runs from 21-23 May and features sessions from speakers including economics commentator Will Hutton, human rights champion Bianca Jagger and Grant Cornwell MBE, Chief Executive Officer Tottenham Hotspur Foundation.

Photo: Remy Steinegger

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