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Computer Forensics students pitch business to KPMG in the UK

Final year BSc Computer Forensics students visit Canary Wharf for a Dragon's Den-style event at the professional services firm

Third year students on the Computer Forensics degree at Middlesex gave their careers skills a boost recently, when they presented their work to managers at KPMG in London's Canary Wharf.

During the day-long 'business pitching' event, five groups of students each gave a presentation and demonstration of their work in a bid to secure a hypothetical contract for their forensic computing services.

Students presented their latest project in which they investigate a replica Nigerian internet café at the centre of an email fraud scam. After raiding the 'café', students seized computers, memory sticks and hard drives before analysing the materials to create a case against the fraudsters.

Middlesex students and staff at KPMG

They presented their findings at KPMG, and managers from the professional services firm then assessed the students based on the accuracy and professionalism of their work. Vouchers worth £200 were awarded to the students who gave the best presentations.

Anthonia Essien was one of the students to present at KPMG, and said that she found the experience very helpful in terms of preparing for job interviews after graduation.

"It helped me realise that I am capable of getting the job I want at a firm as powerful as KPMG," she said.

Fellow student Francis Simpson agrees. "The thing I enjoyed the most was the opportunity to present to a senior director of one of the Big Four," he said. "If I can present to him, then I can present to anybody."

Presentations take place at KPMG UK offices

Central to organising the event was former Middlesex Forensic Computing student Chester Ray, who graduated in 2013 and now works at KPMG.

"This is part of the employability strategy of the department, using our contacts to give students exposure to the industry," said Dr George Dafoulas, an Associate Professor in the Computer Science Department at Middlesex.

"It also helps KPMG see the quality of Middlesex students and hopefully make them more likely to employ them in the future."

With thanks to KPMG UK staff: Managing Director Darren Pauling, Senior Managers Michael Hardy and Mike McMaster, Manager Kevin Talbutt, and Assistant Managers Chester Ray and Cornelius Namiluko.

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