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Scholarship fund to aid those affected by Nepal earthquake

Middlesex alumnus behind £62,500 fund to help his fellow countrymen and women

Photo by DFID - Creative Commons 2.0Middlesex University has launched a new scholarship fund to help people who've been affected by the recent earthquake in Nepal to achieve their education ambitions.

The 10 million rupee (£62,500) fund can be used towards tuition fees, flights to the UK and living expenses.

It is the brainchild of Nepalese Middlesex alumnus and current National Union of Students International Students' Officer Shreya Paudel.

"I am a proud Middlesex alumnus – the University and the Students' Union have both instilled in me a refined sense of social justice and responsibility," he said.

"For many families who would have previously sent their children to a British university, this earthquake has totally diminished their chances. They would rather rebuild their houses and save up for the future. For Middlesex to offer this scholarship is a great initiative and shows a great sense of moral responsibility."

Commenting on the launch of the new scholarship, Middlesex University Deputy Vice-Chancellor Katie Bell said: "We have a strong international community here at Middlesex University and we were deeply affected by the news from Nepal.

"We were delighted that it was our own students who came to us to suggest the idea and I hope it helps Nepalese students to study with us here in London."

Middlesex University currently has 18 Nepalese students and also offers a scholarship to children of Nepalese Gurkhas.

For further information about Middlesex University's Nepal scholarships, please contact the South Asia Regional office in Delhi.

[Photo by DFID - Creative Commons 2.0]

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